Monday, February 4, 2013


This guy is at it again- basketball season.
Elliott is starting his third year and I think it's his best year yet.
This year he is a working on being a little more aggressive and taking shots more. 
He made his first basket of the season on Saturday!
He is fun to watch this year!

photo by Lincoln

This is Ollie's first year in basketball. 
He is a little sportster, but was a little nervous to play basketball because he "didn't know how." 
I told him this was the best way to learn.
He picked right up on it and is never in the day-dreaming mode, which is great for his first year I think! He always knows what's going on and is ready for the ball.
He made his first two baskets of the season on Saturday (and almost made a third!) 
He is only in 1st grade, but plays on the 1st/2nd grade team. I love that they do that so the bigger boys' experience can help the younger boys.

 Going in for the shot...
 ... straight down in the hoop!

  It's weird spending most of our Saturdays at basketball games- I don't even want to think about when all four (!!!) might play someday. They play at two different schools so if the games are close we have to drive separate. The weird thing is that they have the same coach this year, so at least practices are on the same night, right after each other. Here the boys are cooling off after their games.

So fun watching my basketball boys!


Sini said...

So nice photos! I like to go and see basketball,I used to play when I was younger. We have a American friend living here who is a pro player so it's nice to go see them play when they have home game. I would live to see the basketball stars playing, i need to travel to America! Ha ha.

Lindz said...

So cute that your boys love basketball so much1 :) I can't believe you will be having another baby any day now!!! So excited for you guys!!

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