Wednesday, February 6, 2013

while we wait

Elliott and his latest Ninjago creation
We've been taking things kind of slow around here these days.
I haven't taken many pictures and we haven't gone out a lot, just running last minute errands getting ready for the baby. The boys stay busy with homework, basketball, scouts, friends and school. Adam has been super busy at work and with the young men. I mostly stay busy with all the scheduling and doctor appointments- (I finally had my last one yesterday!) Also trying to make dinners, which I have been sooo bad at these days. I don't feel like cooking anything ever. But I somehow tweak mediocre meals out most nights. Poor family. These are a few random pictures we have managed...
 This is Adam dancing to some slow music with a super tired Lincoln. 
He is no longer a baby with his looooong arms and legs. 

 Family night painting and ice cream.
Fun to sit with the boys while they talk our ears off about anything and everything.

 Never too old to climb Mt. Daddy right? 


Dave and Ashley Blackhurst said...

Good luck this week! I don't know why, but this part always makes me nervous...just so many new things to adjust to! But I'm sure you'll do great, and I'm guessing he'll be so darling!

Mariana said...

Good luck!! :)

B and Jessica said...

I love your little family. You guys are just cute, and I love how you play together

B and Jessica said...

And good luck to you! You can do it! Just thinking about my last childbirth makes me tired :) i havent forgotten. Don't feel old! Don't feel tired! One more baby, maybe the last one. Savor what you can. Wish I could be there to come see him. Love you, sini!

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