Friday, February 22, 2013

Franky's birth day

We were so excited for Monday, February 11th to come! 
We spent the weekend finishing up everything for Franky's arrival.
My friend Melissa even watched the boys while we went on one last date baby-free for a while.
Monday came and we sent the big boys to school with the carpool and took Linc to preschool. 
Then we were off to Timpanogas Hospital.
We stopped by Target to get a People magazine (my fave) and some treats and little toys for the boys.
Adam picked up some In-N-Out to hold him over for the day ahead.
We arrived at the hospital at 11:00 AM.
The nerves were starting to set in- just excited nerves, nothing too serious.
The nurse started the pitocin around 11:30 and Dr. Bean came in soon after to break my water.
This was six days before my actual due date because I knew we had another BIG boy on the way.
I got the epidural soon after that- the anesthesiologist said his dad went on a mission to Finland (where my mom is from), he went on a mission to Japan like Adam and he knew our friend Jesse from Richfield where he used to live. Small world.
After about 3:00 I was ready to push, but my doc wasn't there yet...
Annnnd the epidural started to wear off. 
I think if I could have pushed then I would have been fine because the contractions weren't making me cry, just wince and laugh... weird.
Anyway, another anesthesiologist came in with another dose of epidural, and was really kind of rude about it, but oh well. 

Dr. Bean finally arrived and we were ready!
So exciting!
I pushed a couple times and Adam said he saw some dark hair... and then Franky was out!
Well- after the doc had me stop pushing for a sec so he could un-tangle his cord from his arm.
He said since he had to stop me that Franky's face got some bruising. 
He came out so blue and they were rubbing him to get him to take a breath, but he did.
Cute big boy.
He looks ultra big in this pic with Dr. Bean.
Frank Everett Swalberg
February 11th, 2013
9 lbs 8 oz
21 inches long
Born at 4:05 PM
The hospital told me beforehand they were big on skin-on-skin for the first two hours after he was born... but they did a test right after he was born to test his blood sugar (since he was big) and it was low. So they only let me hold him for a little bit and took him away to give him some sugar water in an IV to get his blood sugar up. His poor purple cheeks! But still so cute.

The boys came with Linds and got to see him for a few minutes before they took him.
They were so excited to meet little Franky who they had waited so patiently for!

They were all standing there staring- we had to tell them they could touch him :)

His little dark hair- before his bath.
They took Franky and put an IV in, so Linds and her kids didn't get to hold him and my parents came and waited for a couple hours and didn't even get to see him. They finally brought Franky back to my room after the boys went to get dinner with Adam. And now he had an IV in his little head and monitors on his chest. But we were so happy to hold him. Whatever happened to the skin on skin theory though? I read later on a hospital paper that it was supposed to help with blood sugar and lots of other things... Hmm...

Our BIG family- so many boys!!
Proud Daddy

From my phone...
Those cheekies!!

Welcome welcome little Franky! So glad you are here!


Clayton & Kayley Anderson said...

Congratulations Sinika! You have a beautiful family! :o)

Senja said...

Aw! This makes me so baby hungry again! Well done! It went so fast, what a blessing :) He is soo adorable though. Hope you are healing well!

Anthony and Rachel Orme said...

Congrats again! We are so happy for you guys.

Dave and Ashley Blackhurst said...

He's perfect! And his name is just as cute as he is.

And ditto...looking at him makes me think I want another.

Tisha and Mark said...

I agree with Aish..I think, having another might not be so bad. And you make pregnancy look easy :) What a sweet little boy! The pictures of his cheekies are to die for. You are one lucky lady!

Knudson Family said...

So glad Franky is here and what a sweetheart! Happy healing...and remember not to do too much too soon. (I always forget that one then wish I could go back and do it over.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sinika! :)
Franky is gorgeous!! And I love his name!
Sooo happy for you!!
Rest up now and enjoy the new little boy. What a beautiful big family you have!? :) Congratulations to you all!!

{leah} said...

Wonderful!!! I love his cheeks and the picture of his double chin!

Big babies are so fun because they are rolly polly. I'm glad that he is big and healthy, and you looked so pretty in your pictures {you really do :) }

Yeah for lots of boys!

Kenzy said...

You have the CUTEST bunch of boys. They are so lucky to have such an amazing mom too. Congrats!!!

Lindz said...

I can't believe how cute you looked on the day you delivered!!! You guys seriously make the cutest babies....I love that you have all boys!! :)

Mama Swalz said...

What beautiful pictures! You guys have a beautiful family :) What fun you will have with all those boys! I love Franky's cheeks! Can't wait to kiss them again and snuggle him!! I love Linc's expression in his pic! So dang cute!

B and Jessica said...

Aw sini! I'm so happy for you! He is absolutely adorable.

Sini said...

Congratulations!! :-) He is so cute! Love these pictures, you look so happy and amazing.

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