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school's out! 2013-14

Elliott- first day of 4th grade
School's out! 
I never even got to posting first day of school pictures, because it really seems like one month ago. 
The boys had great teachers this year.
Elliott had Mrs. Phillips who was super cool and taught the kids lots of real-life applications in her lessons. She was big on having the kids be responsible for their homework and schoolwork. Most of Elliott's homework was done online this year using wiki, which means I got to learn how to use it too. So excited to learn all these new programs for the next 20 years that my kids are in school- haha. (I know this makes me sound old. ) The whole 4th grade team of teachers were great and they went on a few different field trips- snowshoeing in Big Cottonwood Canyon and visiting the new aquarium. And I think Elliott lost six teeth this year- crazy big molars and canines. He learned to play with other friends besides our neighbor who wasn't in his class this year. He also made his own lunches everyday as he's taken a stance on not liking school lunch. I used to make lunches every day, and then I read an article a few months into the school year that said if your kid can put together Legos, then they can make their own school lunch. Elliott is a pro at Legos, and now at packing lunches. :)
He did lots of fun science projects and presentations and reports. He got better, faster and less stressed with each one he did. He was in Lego club this year too, until the Lego teacher- who was also the librarian- moved. He had a great year!
Last day of school. Elliott was sad for school to end because he will miss Mrs. Phillips!
First day of 2nd grade. 
1st day of school with friend, Clara, Ai Lao Shi and Ollie.
My Ollie Jack. He had two great teachers this year- Ai Lao Shi (Mrs. Darling) and Ms. Olive. He is a pretty upbeat student. He tries hard, and along with the rest of the class learned to only use Chinese during the Chinese half of the day or they would lose recess time. They thought it was the end of the world at first, but learned pretty quick to only speak Chinese. The only people who can help in the Chinese classroom have to speak Chinese too, or not talk while they correct papers or whatever. I didn't get to help very much this year since Franky was born. Ollie went on cool field trips to CornBelly's fall carnival and to a couple Chinese performances at BYU. He did his math and reading in weekly packets and take home reading books and practiced Chinese on the computer on flashcards, games and audio helps. He got to go to lots of his classmates' birthday parties this year, since I guess some parents didn't want to leave anyone out and invited every boy in the class... which is nice, but I didn't feel the need to do this yet. I know they will be together for four more years, so this might change. He said Chinese tests were really hard, and his favorite thing was to write stories in English and Chinese. He had a pen pal from China that he got to write to. He loved this year. 
Last day of school with Ai Lao Shi. I went downstairs to take a picture and saw her kneeling to talk to each kid and give them a hug. I was bawling of course. I am so thankful for these teachers who love my kids for the majority of the day during the school year. 
Last day of school with Ms. Olive
Linc wanted to pack a lunch and wear his new school shoes on the big boys' first day too. 
First day of 4-year-old preschool
This was his real first day of school with Ms. Heather- our next-door-neighbor. If there was anyone born to be a preschool teacher- it is her! She is so patient, loves teaching kids, playing games, singing songs and everything else that goes with it. We feel so lucky to have had her as Linc's teacher! He went two days a week for 2 1/2 hours. He really caught on to letters and numbers this year, learned lots of songs, the pledge of allegiance, and his address and phone number. When we were at Disneyland, he got lost and actually gave security our home phone number, at 4 years old, which I didn't even know he knew. But yes, when we got home there was a message waiting, saying they had Lincoln at Disneyland. (This of course, is a whole other blog post.) He had lots of little friends in his class. He also had a few days where he just didn't want to go and nothing I could say would change his mind. He always had so much fun when he did go, it was just the initial part of leaving his comfy home and mom maybe... all my boys have had a phase like this during preschool. He loved showing me things he cut out at school and emptying his backpack to show me all his worksheets. He also loved taking show and tell every time! He has started drawing a lot this year with the help and patience of his big brothers and loves to write words with our help. He can write To Mom (or) Dad, Love Lincoln on his own and writes it on all of his papers. He went on field trips to the library, to the fire station (which only lasted 10 minutes before they got called out) and farm country. He had a fun year of preschool and cannot wait for kindergarten at "the big school." I will miss my little buddy, but will still get him for half days. He is ready to learn more!
Last day of school with Ms. Heather. 
First day of school, 2013-14.
Will, Addie, Benny, Elliott, Ollie, Clara, Madison, Eli
Last day of school. 
We always feel so lucky to have cousins in the same school and a great carpool group of kids- a packed car every day. They had a great principal since the school started three years ago and the week after school was out, he announced he was moving up to a district position. Everyone is bummed for sure. The principal- Mr. Beckstrand would play football and soccer at recess, play music on the playground on Fridays, help shovel walks, be the crossing guard, he was in plays and class programs, and controlled the sound system during events. He was just always everywhere and we feel spoiled to have had such a great principal. Hopefully the new one will be just as great, even though they have huge shoes to fill!

Besides the before and after pics, here are some expansions on school this year:
We had a walking carpool the first of the year, it is quite the walk from our house. 
We love where we live though!

I forgot that the Linc's first day of preschool was also the day our nephew, Grayson was born. We had Gabby sleep over so Christie and Scott could go to the hospital early and then when Linc went to school, me and Gabby went to visit the new babe at the hospital.

Here are some pics of Ollie's chat with his loving teacher. One of his besties, Hudson, is below. 

The whole school has a clap-out for the 6th graders while the principal blasts fun music through the halls, and then all the kids join in, giving high-fives until they end up outside and done with school. This is when Elliott walked past Ollie's class that I was standing with, and tried to ignore me and my giant camera. 
Linc's graduation was adorable. They recited the pledge of allegiance, the alphabet and sounds, and sang all their favorite songs. Then we watched the video Heather made from the year.  Linc is sitting by two of his favorites- Bennett and Abby. Abby's mom Liz is who I have worked with in stake young women for the last few years. Abby and her little bro got to come and play a few times at our house. 

Adam even took off work for a tiny bit to see his graduation, which is a huge deal with his busy schedule. Linc is ready for kindergarten! (Franky has cheeks full of grapes!)

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