Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Easter weekend 2014

The week before Easter- we went to our annual Easter Egg hunt in my mom's backyard. 
I don't care if we never go to the giant city ones. These ones are so relaxed and perfect, and usually come with dinner! Franky had a funny time hunting. Mostly he would have picked one to play with and stayed in one spot if Adam wouldn't have helped him. 

Franky 14 months
Linc- 5 years
Ollie- 8 years
Elliott 10.5 years
Franky enjoyed the treats.
The magnolia tree was in full bloom- and Franky smells flowers so funny with big sounds and an open mouth!

Some of the grandkids- Ben, Elliott, Elli, Stacey, Ryder, Karissa, Trvan, Jordan, Bailey, J.D., Will, Linc, Ollie, Addie, Finnley and Franky.
With Grandma
Telling me about his hunting adventure.

The next party we had was a dinner and egg hunt at Grammy and Grandpa's house since everyone was in town from Ollie's baptism still.  Trying to get a picture with all these little kids is hard and so funny. I guess my kids are used to pictures by now- ha. 

Steve holding Christie's baby Grayson, Adam and Franky, Megs and Stella, Amy and Kate- all the babies born in 2013 in the Swalberg family. Hopefully they'll all be best friends one day. I love this picture so much!!

Grammy even has a cool waterfall in her backyard... and a spectacular view of the mountains- so pretty back there!

Elliott and cousin Will H.
Between soccer games on Easter Saturday, we colored Easter eggs. 
Franky and Stella were funny little friends. 

Megs and Stella


Franky tried to taste his.

Eater weekend is one of my favorites- the whole spirit of the holiday is so great!

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