Thursday, June 5, 2014


Basketball games took up our chilly winter Saturdays after Christmas, and practices took up our dark, ice crunchy weeknights. 
I'm glad the boys are learning to play and having fun. 
Ollie even loved to go to practice!
I'm a little torn because I'd like to take the boys snowboarding and skiing more, but our Saturdays are cut in half. I don't know- we'll work it out somehow. 
Having two games on Saturdays means lots of time watching, chasing the baby and keeping the littles entertained. And maybe some group selfies? Haha.

Linc loves when him and Franky are twins. Poor Franky was missing his nap- it's the only time he's sad really. 
Elliott's coach was our neighbor, a single woman, Jenee who has 5 boys! She wasn't there this day, so our other neighbor, Brian stepped in. She was such a great coach and so good to Elliott. She gave him (and everyone on the team) lots of chances to play and improve. 

Elliott made a one or two baskets at every game towards the end. 
But mostly he had fun and gained a little confidence.
This is the game Elliott played his best friend from school- Austin. 

Grandpa and Grammy were so good to come to most of their games!
Ollie has fun and gets right into the middle of things in the game. 
One of his best buds- Hudson was on his team so we got to carpool to practices with him. 
He made friends with everyone on his team. Hopefully the teams will stay pretty similar in the following years. 
Go Ollie!
Ollie made lots of baskets this year. He was on a 1st/2nd split team, and since he was in 2nd, he had lots of ball time. 
He has fun, even while he's standing in line. :)

 We got free tickets to the Jazz game since the boys played Jr. Jazz- top of the nosebleed section, but still fun to go. Elliott's awesome coach, Jenee helped us find tickets for the whole family to go.
Again, the game started at 8:00 PM and Franky's bedtime was at 7:00, so he was like this until we moved across the aisle to an empty row where he could roam. 

 Cold Salt Lake streets at night. Love hanging out with my little family.

Ollie's team.
Elliott's team.

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