Saturday, April 11, 2015

spring snow

My Lincoln-Bear dreams of popsicles, I'm pretty sure. Every day he asks for one, even all throughout the winter when we don't keep them in stock. For some reason we had them the day we had a spring storm, it only seems natural- snow and popsicles...
These are my lunch buddies every day. Lincoln has kindergarten in the morning and Franky usually takes a nap after lunch, so they have a good hour of being together.

Linc asked to build a snowman, so we tested the snow and deemed it worthy to hold a shape. It was cold but sunny.

Since it hardly snowed this past winter, Franky hasn't spent too much time in the snow. I think he enjoyed himself. 


We made it right in front of and facing our kitchen window so we could check on him often. Snowman days are good days!

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