Friday, April 10, 2015

Ollie turns 9!

 My sweet February 28th baby turned 9 already! 

Ollie was actually due on my birthday one week later, but the doctor let me be induced since Elliott before him, was 9 lbs 6 oz. I was glad he was early because he ended up being my biggest baby at 9 lbs 12 oz!! And actually, his first due date was Feb 28th, but they pushed it back a week at an early ultrasound because he was measuring small. At the 20 week ultrasound, he was measuring big, but they didn't put the date back. Whatevs. His cheeks were super purple when he came out, but man, he was so cute. He was always my squishy little love bug. So snuggly. He would sit on my lap all through church. He has always been my kid who hugs and likes to be close. I think his love language is definitely touch. Love him!
 Ollie isn't a huge "toy" kid. Sure he enjoys building legos and playing with stuff, but he is more of a  friends, sports, joking kid. So when deciding what to get him for his birthday, I was pretty stumped. Ollie's friend got one of these motor dirt bikes for Christmas and his mom was telling me it was the best gift ever! So that's what we decided to get Ollie. He is loving it for sure! At the top of our street, we have a little walking path that they ride it on. 

 Ollie even lets Elliott ride it sometimes!
Birthday visit from Grammy and Grandpa.

 Ollie decided to have a Pokemon party since that is the rage at his school right now. Some of the kids brought their Pokemon binders so they could trade during the party. It ended up being really fun!

 Addie, Linc and Will trading cards.
 The older kids at the party- Elliott, Elli and Ben. Elliott is wearing a nylon for the game we played.

 9 year olds are the perfect candidates for minute-to-win-it games!
P.S. How did our parents ever plan parties without Pinterest??

 "Potato pusher"

 "chocolate unicorn"

 "toilet paper mummy"

 "straw skittle sorting"

 Franky thought it was called skittle eating.

 "scribble drawing" 

 Ollie requested Chocolate Eclair Cake.
 And wanted to light the candles himself. 

 Trick candles!

 Half the kids at the party are from Ollie's class, so here they are singing Happy Birthday to him in Chinese! So fun.
 Cutest group of kids! We were sad Dawson was out of town!

We sure love our smart, happy, funny, silly Ollie! He is so full of life, excited for everything and is always thinking of others. We are lucky to have him! Happy 9th Mister O!

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Dave and Ashley Blackhurst said...

Good heavens! How many 9 year-olds did you guys invite?! I would (MAYBE) lose mind with that many kids in my house at one time. Still, looks like a blast for all those little people!

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