Friday, May 18, 2012

errands with Linc

Linc is my little errand helper.
He is really such a good boy,  helping at the store and telling me stories along the way.
And lots of questions.
What are you doing mom? Where are we going? Why? What is that guy doing?

He has come a long way from running like mad the second I let go of his hand in a store,
although he still likes to hide sometimes...

The other day we drove by the Jordan River Temple,
so we decided to have a little snack (reese's peanut butter cup) and look around the beautiful grounds.

This is where I went as a kid to do baptisms, and where I took my endowments out.
It is a special place to me.

When we got out of the car this nice man in a suit said,
"Well hello there young man. Are you coming to see the temple?"
Linc said, "Yep."
The man said, "Welcome." and then got in his car and drove away.
The sign on his parking spot said, "Reserved for temple president."

Linc gets excited when he sees the many temples around our valley.
I love it.
And hearing him say "Angel Morooni" is the best.

So glad I can be with him and the rest of my family forever! 


His Little Lady said...

what beautiful shots! you two are just the cutest!
xo TJ

Elena said...

Yet again, you are the mommy I want to be.

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