Monday, May 7, 2012

spring & cousins

 Our Spring has been spent outside on the warm days, either weeding and prepping the flowerbeds, watering, or playing something (baseball or soccer) with the boys.

I love this time of year because I can leave the back door open 
and everyone can come and go as they please, perfect temperatures and there are no bugs yet! 

 Linc was excited to discover the hose again this spring. 
Here he is washing his wagon.
I love his face in this- it is so dirty from being outside all day and you can tell he is a little tired.
Spring brings a few late nights to our house- we forget that it's getting late when it's still light outside.

My niece, Gabby wants to spend every second of the time outside.
I feel so bad that she is usually covered in dirt too, when Christie picks her up!
She's always wearing the cutest little outfits!
She loves to find the dandelions and she LOVES the road. 
We mostly stay in the backyard for this sake. :)

 Can you tell which bike Linc wanted to ride? 
It's so hard learning to share.


Mariana said...

They're cute!
I love this time of year, too. And the 'no bugs' part is very important!

Melissa said...

The pictures of Linc washing his wagon, are sooo cute. He is quite serious about his task. It reminds me of seeing Adam washing his Scamp :).

Mama Swalz said...

soo cute! love that look on linc's face with the bike... and gabby's- she's oblivious to it all!

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