Monday, May 21, 2012

ollie sings!

Ollie's class has been practicing for this program for the whole school year.
He was very excited to finally perform it, although, he feigned stomach pains instead of wanting to have a speaking part. His teacher switched his part to someone else a month ago when we finally found out why his belly hurt. :)

I was just excited that he was going to sing and do actions since at the Christmas program he held very s t i l l. 

I put a few extra pictures in just to show Ollie's personality at 6 years old- so sweet and silly and LOVES his friends.

Ollie, Dawson, Beau and Weston
Some of his best buddies from kindergarten.
These are the boys that played football every day at recess.
And probably the reason Ollie insisted on wearing soccer cleats to school every so often.
(Is that even legal?)
And wanted me to buy him a rubber mouth guard- say whaaat?
Ollie bugging Izzie. 
Who is this guy? Lounging like he's watching tv or something! Ha!
We were able to get front row seats right in front of Ollie- so fun.
Hooray for actions!

More lounging mid-program while Principal Beckstrand sings the first part of the song.

Mrs. Baird and her class- I cut out most of her morning class...
Great job Ollie!

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