Tuesday, May 22, 2012

pinewood derby

carving the car in my parents' woodshop
Since Elliott is in scouts now, he got to be in the pinewood derby this year!
He was very excited and made sure that Adam couldn't rest until he helped him finish the car. 
Adam eventually bought a book entitled, "Speed Secrets of the Pinewood Derby," 
since, "we'll be doing this for the rest of our lives." 
Adam's exact words.
I wonder how many hours he put in...

His car turned out just like he wanted it. 

E's car in the front
And he won 5 heats and took 2nd in one.

Between races, Adam would put more graphite on the wheels.
A couple dads also borrowed the graphite between heats- so funny.

Grammy and Grandpa even came to watch- I forgot to get a pic!
Linc and his Grandpa, making the same face.

Elliott got to count down and push the start button twice.
Glad these two got to work on a project together.
Elliott took 2nd to Drew, who built his own car and which had fallen apart that morning. 
His parents helped him fix it but told us they were sure it would fall apart and not be able to race
--instead it won everyone! 
I guess you never know.

Elliott was proud of his car and 2nd place and can't wait to display it in his room.


Tammy said...

I grew up being so jealous of the pinewood derby. I wish girls could do it. I guess that's why I do the wooden egg roll at Easter. And that picture of Linc and his grandpa is awesome!

Melissa said...

Congrats Elliott way to go!! Dave just saw the car and comment on how cool it is. It looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

I've just read your last three posts... Cute!!
Linc is the same as my little guy.:) Ollie is so sweet! I would love to hear him sing! :)
And Elliott - he does cool stuff!!

B and Jessica said...

Elliott is SUCH a handsome boy. If I was a second grader I would totally have a crush on him.

That's cute that Adam cared so much about the race.

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