Sunday, March 3, 2013

oliver jack turns 7!

Happy 7th birthday to my happy, silly, smart Ollie.
He is always so excited to do anything! 
He loves to play with friends and play any sport.
He loves going to basketball and soccer practice, and his games are so fun to watch because he has so much fun and is so into it!
He helps explain things to Lincoln all the time. 
And today he shared his last chicken nugget with Linc when he wanted more.
He is a fast bike rider.
He moved from a level 2 reader up to a level 10 reader since starting 1st grade!
(I think he might have been shy on the first reading test to determine reading levels... 
but still he's an impressive little reader.)
He looooves to give hugs and kisses and likes to snuggle.
He has always been my snuggly guy since he was a cute squishy baby.

Here are some funny things Ollie said while he was 6. 
(I've been keeping track in my iphone notes.)

Oliver- 6 yrs
I know how you make REAL light sabers. You find glowing red crystals, and put them in.

Mom- is your giant zit embarrassing?

I don't like any princesses, not even boy ones. 

We don't have school today because it's "Prophet's Day!" (on President's Day)

As he's helping me make dinner-"Mom, if you have onion juice in your eye and you get next to fire- it burns.

"We love Jesus super much...(during his nightly prayer)

Ollie was sorting coins and asked "Mom, what was before the olden days?"So I told him, "the ancient days."He ran back to Elliott and said, "I have a quarter from the ancient days!"

I asked the boys after they threw their jackets on the floor, "What are you- wild animals?" to which Ollie replied, "No mom, we're seasoned men." (6 years old!!!)

Dad, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I know how they make shoes with....(waving fingers) ....leather stuff.

I know why Jesus created shoes- so if we step on sharp rocks or kick a wall our foot won't hurt. (We had a conversation about how man creates things too.)

Elliott and Ollie asked if we could go back to Finland someday. I said yes- they just need to start saving their money. Ollie said, "Don't worry- I have $14 already."

How come Elliott gets TWO birthdays every year?!? -after we were talking about E's bday coming up. Doesn't it always seem like its someone else's bday??

Look how fast I can go with my mow-lawner! 

I was thinkin' about it, and I degree with mommy. 
Birthday lunch with Ollie and his new toothless grin!

Ollie's 2013 "favorites" interview: 
 Food- meatballs with spaghetti, ramen noodles  
Dessert- strawberry shakes 
Color- turquoise, dark blue, purple 
Hobbies- play sports, spend time with family 
Grow up- a cop 
Kids when you grow up? 2 
Best friends- Dawson, Hudson, Wes, Clara 
If you had a million dollars- spend it on Transformers 
Fav animal- Suki the cat 
Fav thing about brothers- they are nice and if you don't have a friend they play with you. 
Fav thing at school- Chinese 
Favorite band- Shins, Beatles, Flaming Lips


Nicole Calder said...

Hahahaha I love his favorite bands! He's totally Adam's son ;) Then things he said when he was 6 made me laugh super hard! Haha we love Ollie!

Tisha and Mark said...

I often wonder what i want to be when i grow up too! Happy birthday, Ollie.

B and Jessica said...

I love this! He's so funny!

Sini said...

Haha he has funny things! Hyvää syntymäpäivää to Ollie!

Lindz said...

What a cute boy...he looks so much like you!! I can't believe he is 7! I wish we still lived there so he and Ayden could be buddies! :)

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