Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lincoln Bear turns 4!

Lincoln turned 4 last week!
We love having this little firecracker in our family.
He is so sweet and snuggly one minute, and rough and tumble with his brothers the next.
Here are some pictures of the last few months while he was three:

He's my little buddy on our weekly trips to the Orem 
library and always loves to play with his metal friend...

Trying to make us laugh at Elliott's cub scout pack meeting.

Keeping himself busy while doing a balancing act during 
our quiet mornings when the big boys are at school.

Accidentally taking a rare nap :)

Comparing pregnant bellies.
Wii in church clothes 
(He was very sure he wanted to wear white socks this day.)

"Look mom- I'm Uncle Tanner!"
"I'm Uncle Cody!"
Haha! I am still not quite sure what he means...
Loves counting and talking about numbers and letters. 
And playing in Elliott's room with his toys.

Playing one of his favorite games- Slamwich.
He loves to take off his shirt if he gets too warm- even in the winter.
Tantrum. We dealt with many of these this year.
Trying to look at the positive side of things and at least he is a very independent kid!

Ollie taught Linc to draw robots.
Ollie's is the little one and Linc did the rest.
Lots of play time with cousin Gabby.
Eating cookies.
Playing war with me.

A little trooper on the snowshoe hikes we did last winter.

Playing with cousin Collin at Grammy's during Christmas.

Preschool- "L is for ladybugs and Lincoln"

Playing Ollie's new drum set.

Playing with his gum in the car and it got in his hair- he was crying so hard and I was laughing!

Looking out the sunroof of our car as we drove around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights.

Making me a picnic lunch.

My grocery helper.
He still comes in our bed at night so this is what I wake up to- cute boy.

Running, jumping and wrestling are his specialties.

counter exploring

He loves pretending to name all the kids in E and O's classes.
Spelling his name. He LOVES telling me every day how to spell it. 
Now we need to work on writing it.

Got to go on some Saturday errands with Daddy which of course included a record store.
My lunch buddy.
In the fall with an apple from our tree.

Becoming a little artist.

And the last day as our baby. This was right before we went to the hospital to have Franky. 

I had such a fun year with all the one-on-one time we had. It was really special to me, even though he missed his brothers while they were at school and always asked when they were coming back or if he could have a friend over to play. He always quietly watched a show so I could nap the last bit of my pregnancy. I loved having uninterrupted conversations with him in his loud raspy voice. He will always be my little sweetheart.

Here is his 4 year old interview:


Food- rice and pasta
Drink- milk
Dessert- vanilla ice cream
Color- purple
Animal- giraffe, it has a long neck
Best friends- Will, Owen, Addie, Eli, Ryan and Bridger with the black hair

Where will you live when you grow up? At the condo
How tall are you? (Holds hands above head) Um, 49 pounds.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A dad
How many kids will you have? 5, first let's name one a girl and one a boy, Sundy and Andy.

Here are some cute things he said this year:
(Although most of them got erased from my phone notes somehow... I think Linc saw his name and was investigating and accidentally threw them away. I cried for like an hour. So sad. Now I email them to myself every once in a while to make sure they don't disappear before they make it to the blog.)

Lincoln- 3 years 
 I win the golden medal! And you get the rainbow one.  
 Called a belt "blet" 
 Says "Rice Pipies and Melk" for breakfast  
 Calls noodles "nerdles" 
 "Mom- you have one more rain drop running out." And grabbed a Kleenex and wiped my tear. :) 
 Calls swimsuit "swimsoop" 
 Playing and instantly made up that "this bridge is red and for the bugs, and this bridge is blue and for the captains." 
 Daddies are good at building cribs and houses. But not mommies. 
 Police hoppisers will put you in a big cage if you do something bad. 
 These ones are hard and these ones are suvvy. ( fuzzy) 
 Hey! I have green pants just like you mommy! Next time we can wear them at the same time and be married... I hate being married.  
 I just sang Twinkle Star. It was different- like Ollie's Chinese one... 
 Mom, can you play this little piggie went to target on my toes? 
 At the end of the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland Linc's synopsis was: "the zebra got dead..." 
 Calls every pool (or even the ocean) a puddle. "Oh! We never got to swim in the puddle!" 
 Says "hemote" (remote)
And "hawkie talkie" (walkie talkie) 
 Mom, I wish when you had a baby in your belly you could still bend down and pick up toys... 
 I feel something wet! It came out on my face when I was crying. 
We are building-mans! And we are building cities and buildings! 
(Playing with Addie on Ollie's top bunk.) 
 You're the girl Heavenly Father and I'm Jesus. No- I'm Heavenly Father and I build snakes. (Talking to Addie) 
 I can't Ablieve it! (Believe it) 
 He ate his sandwich and wanted more so I gave him some of mine. Then he said, "Wait- this is your sandwich..."
I said, "That's okay- I'm sharing it with you."
He said, "Yeah, cause that's what best friends do." :) 
 Mom, what if Franky ate you for breakfast and you were dead? But I still liked you but you were dead. 
 I won't be mean to Addie today, like I won't punch her in the face.


L&B Armsworthy said...

He is just too cute!! And I love how you write down things that he says over the years and the interview! Such a good idea :)

Melissa said...

Such a cute post! I love all the pictures, he is going to break a lot of hearts someday :). I love all the funny things he said, he always makes me laugh so hard!!

Emily Fotheringham said...

So cute--sweetest thing him telling you "That's what best friends do." Those boys are lucky to have you.

lindsey v said...

I was dying over the cuteness of all the pictures and then it got even cuter with what he says! I had a laughing turned crying attack. (What are those?)

Oh man, he is too cute for words.

Tammy said...

What a cute bug! It's so unfair they have to grow up!

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