Thursday, April 11, 2013


Linds, Lisa, Sini, Eric & Leena
I'll admit it: 
I'm the one who always makes all the grandkids gather for a pic.
And all my brothers and sisters who are there at the moment.
Usually everyone groans and complains, but we've gotten some good pictures over the years and it's fun looking back to see how much everyone has changed.
And it only takes a second!
So I'm not going to stop any time soon. 
(Even if it is 3 weeks after I've had a baby and am carrying a few extra pounds- gulp.)

Anyway- I couldn't have cooler siblings. The nicest people you'll ever meet.
Linds is amazing, and since we live in the same neighborhood we see each other a lot. We are always swapping kids (who are best friends) , borrowing dinner items and trading advice. I don't know what I would do without her. Really. I learn so much from her.
Lisa lives in Illinois and visits once or twice a year. We laugh so much together. She is always taking pictures too. And it's fun seeing her be a mom to her two boys. I remember her being a little mommy to my little brother Mikey when he was born and she was 10.
Erkki is so funny and is always smiling. And the guy loves chocolate as much as the rest of us.
Plus his wife Tagen is like one of us. He is also our family chiropractor- oh yeah!
My Mom is just the most selfless person ever. I love that when I talk to her, one minute we are laughing, the next we are crying (usually about spiritual things.) She has started to text lately and I love getting her random texts during my days/ nights.
This is only a fraction of my amazing family. We are hardly ever together at the same time.
Addie, Ben, Elliott, Finnley, Lincoln, Mom holding Cooper, Fisher, Elli, Franky and Willy Burger
These are the grandkids that were at my mom's the night before Lisa and Troy flew back to Illinois.
I slipped in two because at least one person is always looking away. (Ollie was at a birthday party.)

Finnley and Cooper- already buddies.

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Tagen and Eric said...

Thanks for the great pictures and the wonderful words. You are not so bad yourself. Always thinking of others and very giving. I may need you to send me a copy of the pictures.

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