Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lincoln's birthday

Linc had big plans for his cake. He wanted it to be rainbow inside and just like the picture behind him on the outside. This is what we came up with. 

We have like seven sets of candles, so he chose one from each set.

We had some family over for pizza and cake. Linc was so excited the whole day!

Linc started to sing happy birthday with the rest of us, but then realized we were all singing to him, and got so embarrassed that he hid under the table. Then he blew out the candles twice.

Inside the rainbow cake (Linc had one like this on his 2nd birthday too.)

This is how Linc poses for pictures- nice.

By the time cake was served Linc was too happy playing with friends and full of pizza. This is his only taste of the cake. Oh well. At least it was fun to look at?

Present time!
Captain Hook gear (including mustache stickers) and water balloons from Linds.

Remote control truck from Christie.

Transformers, shark set and shoes from us!

The boys played late that night and had a hard time waking up for school the next day.

Happy 4th Lincoln!


Melissa said...

You always make amazing cakes :). You are such an awesome mom! Glad Lincoln had a great bday. He is such a cutie!!

Saimi said...

What a great birthday party!!! That Lincoln is such a cutie pie and Holy Rainbow cake, how yummy!!!

Can I just say you are such a pretty mommy, man you could pass for their sister!

Nice job on the birthday!

Lindz said...

The fact that you can have a newborn baby AND still make a time consuming rainbow cake means that you are amazing! I love your cake stand! :)

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