Monday, April 8, 2013

cousins at grandma's

Fisher, Linc, Addie, Willy-Burger
My sister Lisa was in town on my birthday week so I tricked some of my sisters into getting Olive Garden takeout for lunch on my birthday so we could all just chat. 
(Can you see all these kids inside Olive Garden?? Yipes!)
Michelle, Lisa, Linds, Joy and Tagen came. 
Linds holding Lisa's baby Cooper and sil Tagen with Finnley

Little Miss Jordan
Melora and Fisher
Mister Kai who just turned one!

SIL Joy & Jordan

Lisa with Baby Cooper- he holds his own hand as he falls asleep- cutest thing ever!
Aunt RaeLene and my cousin's daughter Maddie
The newest baby cousins- Franky- 3 weeks, Finnley- 3 months, Cooper- 5 months
These two in their matching stripes!

I had such a great birthday and was so thankful for all the thoughtful wishes on fb, texts, cards, presents and everything! I love my friends and family!! Such a great day.


Knudson Family said...

I just love side by side babies laying next to each other for a picture. Also, I don't think I ever wished you a happy happy happy b-day!

B and Jessica said...

Happy birthday sini! I loved the post with the details of your family. You do have such a cool family. All of you are so nice. It's awesome.

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