Saturday, July 27, 2013

4th of July, 2013

We had a fun 4th of July weekend. Adam had Thursday and Friday off, so we loved it.
Here are Linc and Ollie trying orange juice on their cereal since we were out of milk- they didn't love it.
We had fun watching Despicable Me 2- the boys have been waiting for it forever.
On the drive up to the condo, we stopped by Bridal Veil Falls to have a look.
Me and the big boys decided to climb up the rock hill to get closer to the falls, while Franky, Adam and his flip-flops stayed at the bottom. It was amazing up there! Apparently I have never been even though I've lived in Utah my whole life!
The boys on the bridge.
These guys looked teeny tiny like The Borrowers.
                                               Bridal Veil Falls
Watching his brothers at the condo swimming pool.
First guitar lesson.
Swimming at the pool! The boys went twice a day sometimes while we were there. They love to swim!
A barn in Park City.
We went for a drive in the rainy mountains- the fresh smell was GLORIOUS!!

Linc fell asleep at dinner at Red Rock after a busy day.
Playing at Park City Resort.
                                               More swimming!
                                Wasatch Mountain State Park
The boys found a snake and I finally consented to hold it so they would stop bugging me...
I guess holding baby snakes is alright.... GULP!

                                        At Cascade Springs.
                                       Franky, ready for a nap.
                                 Deer Creek and the back of Timp.

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