Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July heat

We are LOVING the summer! I keep telling Adam it is my favorite summer ever, but that could be that I have a sweet little baby on my hip all the time, and that the big boys are independent and happy for the most part. Here are some of my favorite instagrams (again.)
Linc jumping in the rain. My boys run OUTSIDE instead of taking cover. I'm happy to watch from the porch of from under my umbrella. Summer rainstorms are pretty great.
This was Ollie's collection he checked out from the library this week- pretty funny.
Franky's roly poly thighs are to die for!!
Pretty summer skies that I get to see when I wake up early to run.
Early summer mornings are my favorite.
In our house there's a phenomenon that the boys wake up super early if I try to sleep in (sleeping in for me is 8:00 AM). But if I wake up early to run or whatever, they sleep so late. What is up with that?! Love these peaceful sleepers though.
This was Linc's idea to keep it cool while playing Transformers in the 100 degree
Utah heat- made me laugh.
Frank Everett got his first tooth! Just before he turned 5 months it popped through.
He didn't act sad or like he was in pain so we had no idea. Little sweetheart.
I took Adam and the boys to see the sunrise one morning at 6:00 AM. I've been wanting to take them to this hill I run on for like a year. I get to see the most beautiful sunrises all the time and wanted to show them. We ate cinnamon rolls and listened to the birds chirp in the quiet morning. Loved it.
We heard you can get free Krispy Kreme donuts for good grades, so the boys
took in their report cards and got a half dozen each. Yum!
Franky boy.
Finnish lessons with Grandma are still going until she leaves for Finland to visit her family.
 Linds teaches everyone a lot too- she was blessed with the language gene and I'm jealous.

Met up with my friends from childhood and their babies. Love these girls.
Tam and her baby Piper- 6 months, Jill and her tiny baby Ava- 3 months, Ange, and me and my little Franky- 5 months. Of course Franky is the biggest by far out of all of them.
Piper and Franky's first date :)
A small hummingbird nest in my mom's yard. She saw two tiny babies in there once.
Linc with a half-eaten unripe apple in one hand, picking raspberries with the other.
Grandma's yard is the yummiest.
Linc, Addie and Grandma
Franky- 5 months.
Tried sitting him up in the Target cart and he had fun for a few minutes. Good thing the seatbelt was holding him up because he can barely sit up on his own. He looked big in a way, yet sooo tiny in that big cart.
Met up with Rach who was in town from Indiana. We got some girls together for lunch.
Pretty sure the workers didn't mind us talking there for two hours...
Found this pic at my mom's house from when I was six.
Franky tried his first rice cereal! He really liked it!
And learning to stand with Elliott. Elliott usually has Franky if I don't and loves to play with him and get him from his crib. They are so cute together. I feel really lucky that he wants to help with him all the time. Best buds.  

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