Monday, July 15, 2013

girls camp!

I only got to go to girls camp for the day on Thursday this year since I've got my little Franky to nurse. I had mixed feelings about it- so sad that I couldn't be up there with the girls and amazing leaders... and such a relief that I didn't have to find places for my kids for the week. 

Anyway, I drove up on Thursday morning with Sarai.
She was supposed to be the food person, but got hurt from a fall a few weeks before. 
You'll see her below in the neck brace. 

Heber Valley Girls Camp is GORGEOUS.
And the weather was perfect that day.
I mostly helped in the kitchen, getting Cafe Rio style salads ready, but went on a little hike with my ward too.

Fun friends from my ward- Sini, Carrie, Amy and Kristy
Becky and Karen with my fur-fabric piece. Karen took it to play pranks on other leaders- haha!

Carrie Neal- ha!, Kelby Collings, Amy Hobson, Missy Starkey, Wende Tate, Tara Kolowich, Karen Hackett, Steph Trevino, Katie Fritcher, Michelle Christensen, Darleen Tills, Sini and Bishop Fritcher.
4th ward leaders- this is what happens when you have 55 young women in your ward!
Tara and Missy
Wende and Kelby
Me and Linds
Brooke and Sarai
Carrie, Amy and Karen

Missed being there with my sis the whole week so I made her come to the lake with me.

 Fabulous 4th Ward!
Missing our older girls in this pic who stayed back at camp to do awards.
Stake leaders! The camp committee did a great job.
The bishopbric members surprised the girls with a cheer of their own- it was super cute.
Flag ceremony with the whole stake- 8 wards. 

Me and Sarai with the same shoes- haha! 
We left right after this.
I had a great day!

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Saimi said...

How fun!! I just got back myself. Man we have 12 wards in our stake, but our little ward only has 6 girls and one of them brought a cousin and a friend for a grand total of 8.

I love Girls Camp!!!

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