Thursday, July 18, 2013

Franky- 5 months

Five months is definitely the best age. We are loving every second with our little Franky boy. Sometimes I can't believe our family has grown so big. There is so much love here. It's hard to comprehend and there is no way to describe it. This little Franky has added to our family's happiness and purpose. We are so in love with him and feel lucky to have him in our family. 

Franky at five months:
Sweet and smiley!
He will give everyone who talks to him a smile. 
He lets anyone hold him.
Soft and squishy- the perfect chubby thighs to love.
Starting to sit up a lot more, but still needs help.
Can roll from his belly to his back.
Doesn't love tummy time.
Starting to stand on his legs more.
One month ago he had jello legs, but now loves to be up and bouncing on them.
Ticklish on his collarbone.
Grew his first tooth a few days before 5 months and the second popped through right after.
Makes kissing sounds without puckering his lips.
Squeals with delight when you talk to him.
Or he gets shy when someone talks to him and stuffs his tiny chubby fist in his mouth with a smile. 
He does this fake cough/laugh thing to get your attention-- so smart I tell you!
Loves tasting EVERYTHING- toys, mommy's fingers, purse, napkins, etc.
And now chewing on everything with his two tiny white teeth.
Grabs everything so we have to watch our plates of food while he's on our laps.
His reflexes are suddenly like lightning and he'll snatch toys from our hands and have them in his mouth in milliseconds.
Laughs without being tickled now.
Lincoln (4) makes him laugh all the time by talking to him in silly voices.  
He loves a binky when it's time to sleep, but no other time- he won't keep it in his mouth.
So the way to soothe Franky is to stand up and walk around- he would ride on my hip all day and be happy to see everything.
He loves watching his brothers.
Still wakes up a few times in the night to eat- I know this is my problem, but oh well.
Still takes a few naps a day but is staying awake longer.
He has been biting with his new little teeth the last couple days while nursing- (yeeouch!) 
When I pull him away fast to tell him no, he looks at me so surprised and then laughs and cries because he doesn't know what's going on. It's sad, but hopefully he figures out it's not cool soon.
He protests a little when I lay him on the floor to play, unless I lay by him for a minute or give him a toy.
So mostly his brothers hold him, and mostly Elliott if I can't.
He also sits in the bumbo and helps me make lunch and dinner. 
He has been acting ready for food lately and we've been giving him little tastes. 
We fed him rice cereal for the first time and he loved it.
He's come a long way in a month.
It's so fun watching him grow and discover his personality. 
He is such a good baby that he makes me hungry for more babies. Dangerous I say!
We love you so much Frank Everett!

Adam called me in to see Franky playing happily laying down the other day.
"He never lets me hold him like a baby!"
(Sometimes if we lay Franky down, he lifts his head like he's doing sit-ups- so funny.)
Adam is so in love with Franky! 
He talks about him all the time saying, "He is just the cutest thing. You don't know how cute he is because you're always with him-- look at this kid!"
And he claims to kiss him 100 times a day... which I believe because he really can't stop kissing him.
On top of all of my daily kisses, and the boys- this is one loved baby boy!

P.S. I love that I just woke up in the first pic, and just got done running in the second. I'll take any pic with my babies I can get!)


Amy said...

He is seriously such a gorgeous baby. Isn't it amazing how such a little guy can bring so much love and joy to a family? Ok, maybe not amazing, but seriously! We are having the same experience at our home. ...Jack stopped taking a binky within the first month or two and sucked his thumb a couple of times, but hasn't since. That was really difficult at first because there wasn't anything to soothe him, but he has done pretty good at going to bed on his own. The binky can be so nice (and not) sometimes. =) It's amazing how every baby is so different and brings their own personality to a family. I bet your boys are having the best time with little Franky. Such a cute family!

Lindz said...

He is the cutest!! :)

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