Saturday, August 17, 2013

last days of summer

Adam, Ollie, Daxton, Brayden, Elliott
Went with these guys to a concert- My Morning Jacket, WILCO and Bob Dylan!
Had fun taking the big boys.
Using our Pass of All Passes at Trafalga
Dinner from my mom's garden! We are taking care of it while she is in Finland.
Twins in their bear shirts- my cute boys!
Checking the garden in the morning with these two peaches.
After church with Frank Everett

Franky's first cold meant the cutest, raspiest baby voice ever. Glad it didn't last too long.
Linc sleeping with the light on after he played a scary video game at the neighbors- so sad. 
Went to the temple to support our friend Ashley Calder who is going to The Philippines on a mission. She is an amazing girl!
Mount Timpanogos Temple
Summer skies!
More Trafalga- this time with cousin Gabby. Ollie held her hand for a bit the first time, but she went on to ride it like 30 more times- she loved it!
Elliott and Ben on the squirting boats.
Me and Linc in glow-in-the-dark mini-golf.
Little Linc, climbing high!
Tiny surfer boy.

The aquarium. Elliott was showing Franky all there was to see. Cute watching him try to grab the fish as they swam by.
Freshly bathed deliciousness.
Boys in neon stripes watching the world wake up.
Our first drive-in movie with our cousins! We watched planes and it was cool because the planes from the airport were flying over us the whole time. And we all saw a huge shooting star next to the screen.
Beautiful farm land in South Jordan next to a reception we went to.
Adam and I at Amanda's reception. 
Baby Franky
6 months of sweetness!
Our table's dinner centerpiece. :)
Beach day in Herriman.
Darts at Grandma's.
Elliott picked all these tomatoes in five minutes from Grandma's garden. YUM!
Adam's 34th birthday!
I love this amazing guy!
Summer sunset.
Elliott's organized foreign coin collection.
Taking a breather at the trampoline place. BOYS!
Franky's first apple. He loved Grandma's tasty apple!
At his 6-month appt. Healthy and happy. 18 pounds of squishy love. 
Found this surprise in Grandma's corn we were shucking for dinner. It tasted delicious too.
Made some chocolate zucchini bread that was heavenly. From Our Best Bites.
Friend Restaurant!
Chefs Elliott and Ben taking orders while the others eat their appetizers.
Date night sunset with Adam while we wait to be seated at a restaurant. Perfection!


walkerbunch said...

I always love your posts! -Beautiful pics as always.

Knudson Family said...

Fun pictures!! I am going to check out that chocolate zucchini bread recipe. I made one off of pinterest and it was a total bust.

Tagen and Eric said...

The zucchini bread looks amazing. I love that black and white photo of Frankie.

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