Sunday, August 4, 2013

pioneer day

The boys were so excited to buys fireworks this year and were really sad we didn't get any for the 4th. The 24th seemed like it might go the same way... Adam and I both kept putting it off. But then the day before- on the 23rd, the boys and I were out running errands and we finally bought some. Like a lot. Then I started thinking that we wouldn't want to watch them alone- why not invite some friends over? I was hoping nobody had plans since it was the day before. I texted my neighborhood friends and said the show started at 9:00. I might have invited 15-20 families. And when I told Adam when he got home from work he was nervous and said, "We didn't even go to Evanston for the good fireworks! When you invite this many people it means you have the big ones!" But nope. We only bought a few aerials. I think it turned out great though and loved seeing everyone! The boys would tell me earlier in the day, "I'm just going to look at the fireworks for a sec." And I'd catch them staring at them, or carrying them around the house. Boys are so funny.
My niece Gabby, and neighbors with their new kittens- Hailey, Kamry and Ellie.

We happen to have the tiniest front lawn, but we all squished on it somehow. We had glowsticks and bubbles for the kids. And went through a giant Costco tub of red vines in 10 minutes- ha!

Gabby and Christie- she is due with baby boy in Sept. 

Our friend Tysson Davis showed us this cool trick to make your fountains a lot cooler- put them on a ladder. He also took over lighting the fireworks which I think was fine with Adam.
Elliott and some of his best friends- Noah and Benny.
Brian, Will, Tysson and Adam- these guys make Adam look like he is regular height instead of towering over everyone because they are all so tall. These guys were the last ones there and we talked until past 11:00 PM. 
Here are those guys' better halves; Me, Mare, Linds, Millie and Ann. These are some of my favorite girls on the planet! Such a fun night!

The day before we went to see the floats at the South Towne Expo that would be in the Days of '47 parade. It was really cool seeing them up close and to hear how many man hours went into making them. They also had tons of crafts and take-aways for the kids.
"The Lamb and the Lion on the Good Ship Zion."
The lady at this float offered to hold Franky back there since Linc walked away when I asked him to be in that spot... Franky was so happy and smiley- it was the cutest thing ever! 

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Lindz said...

Those pics of all those kids in the neighborhood watching fireworks totally makes me want to move back!!!!!! :-/

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