Thursday, August 1, 2013

yards & swimming

Mimosa blossom from my mom's tree.

I can't believe summer is wrapping up. Only twenty more carefree days to soak up the beautiful weather, lazy mornings, fun-filled days and late nights. I'm bummed it's ending but we have had so much fun! even Adam had a few fun days off from his super busy work days. We've still got a few things left on our summer fun list though... we'll see if we get to them.

Dragonfruit- so fun to try!
Elliott is always begging to help with Franky.
Adam woke me up with this breakfast one morning... which was nice because Franky was up a lot that night. So sweet.
A picture of our hike on the back of Timp. We only went to the first waterfall, but someday we'll do the whole thing, when they're a bit bigger.
Linc "watering" his pumpkin plant from preschool.
Franky's fist of triumph! He finally got some salad in his hand.
Two cute teethies!
Ollie and Elliott getting dumped on by the big bucket at the pool. (My boys call it the big bucket pool for some reason... )
Ah- my sweet boysies! I love them so much!!
Franky's first time swimming at 5 1/2 months. He was so stoic at first and then finally started splashing and babbling.
Letting Toad roam around the yard while Adam cleaned his cage.
Summer dinners are my favorite- fresh!
Our first yellow squash was delicious!
We've had some stormy afternoons and found this skull in the clouds- can you see it?

Snail from grandma's yard.
We had the best ward pool party! We rented out Lehi outdoor pool at night with a dinner in the pavilion before. Fun, fun!
At the aquarium with cousins!
Snapdragon seed pods Linds found at my mom's that look like skulls! Crazy and cool. Nature is funny!
My little Linc Bear is growing too fast! He is so busy and big now that I have to sneak in hugs and get him to talk to me sometimes or he'll forget to talk or look at me all day. Love him so much.
                                                 Giant allium seeds.
Cleaning out my flowerbeds and we always have to play with the giant
allium before throwing them away- they're just too cool.
                             Even Franky liked playing with them :)

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walkerbunch said...

I always love reading your posts. -You have such a cute family!

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