Sunday, August 25, 2013

swimming in a storm

We made one last trip to the pool before summer was over. The boys have really grown comfortable with the water this year. I am proud of them for trying and practicing swimming. We went with Linds to the South County Pool- or Riverton Pool as we called it growing up. We had passes here every year and would swim all day. It hasn't changed a bit! It has diving boards, but the rest is just pool. I don't know if this is why it was pretty empty? We loved it though and it only cost $2 to get in I think. There was a storm looming the whole day, but no lightning, so we kept swimming. I wish I had some pictures of me, my sister and our friends at the pool when I was little!

Franky boy!

Will, wearing the shark fin.
Benny and Elliott
Elliott was practicing his flips and handstands and couldn't figure out how to keep the water out of his nose... the nose plug helped- haha! He is a great swimmer above water.
Ollie is the underwater fish!


"To da rescuuuuuue!"

Being walruses or sea lions, I can't remember which. Elliott, Benny and Linc.
Linc! With Addie and Elli in the background.
Ollie and the clouds.
Found this gorgeous tree as we were driving away.
A fun day at the pool!


Elena said...

Between your blog (thank you for keeping that up), facebook and instagram, I've decided that the Swalberg family is the coolest, hippest family in town. I love your pictures and what you do with your family. We'll follow you somewhere sometime to participate in the cool.

Mama Swalz said...

How fun! Was the pool emptier because the SLC kids go back to school earlier? Thats what we found when our kids were young :) They HAVE turned into little fish this year! I love it when kids feel safe when they are in the water!

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