Friday, October 11, 2013


 Last weekend was our church's conference, where all the church leaders speak about doing little things to become better people. (See for more info.) Who doesn't love watching church in their pajamas? We kept the boys busy/listening by dumping an entire bin of Legos on our floor for two days straight. Whatever works. I really love the spirit of the whole weekend. I cry because words and music are so touching. I laugh at the (sometimes cheesy) jokes and stories. And Adam and I nod at each other in agreement when something we heard was just awesome. I look forward to this amazing weekend every 6 months. It really is like a holiday. Should I go on? I love how all the speakers are so down to earth. I love that our church leaders don't talk in riddles and rants. Just a simple story, a scripture, a testimony how they believe this to be so. I love it. Also the same on most Sundays. Some speakers are better than others-- I'm on the others list for sure, as speaking isn't my specialty-- but I love every speaker just the same. That they are sharing their experience in this life, and how they've learned and grown by gospel principles. I will gladly take my turn to talk in church, as long as I can hear everyone else's talks. I am in love with the gospel that our church teaches. I get the chills when I hear President Monson and the apostles speak. And, I feel so proud as a mom as our church teaches the importance that a mother is in her children's lives. The whole weekend has me feeling so loved and special. It just makes me want to do better, be better, but be happy with where I'm at and where I'm going. 


Sini said...

Hi Sini!

I'm finally cathing up with your blog!

Oh your boys are growing so fast, they are adorable. I hope you are well, you sound very happy. If you are visiting Finland someday, let me know ;)


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Dave and Ashley Blackhurst said...

This was a cute post!

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