Friday, October 18, 2013

Franky- 8 months!

My little Franky is 8 months!
He is one funny baby boy.
He is starting to do lots of fun things-
He likes to stand up and hold onto things- his grip is so strong, sometimes it's hard to pull him away when it's time to go.
He likes to walk a bit holding onto our hands.
His little shuffle-y steps are pretty much the cutest thing ever.
The only time he comes close to snuggling is when he focuses on a necklace I'm wearing and he'll slowly study it in his chubby baby fingers before tasting it, all while his fuzzy little head is by my cheek. I love it!
When I hold him, he likes to face out and keeps his distance by putting his elbow in my chest... he's gotta be ready to see everything! 
He has four teeth and one more on top will be popping through any day.
He loves to tease by shaking his head back and forth- he will copy the boys and me doing this, but also does it when you look at him and smile. He does it when he's happy.
He loves to sit and play, and then he'll get to his belly to reach something, and soon enough he's crying because he's stuck on his belly. His routine is sit, bellyflop, cry, repeat.
I keep putting him in crawling position, but he just smiles like he's all proud and is on his belly again. 
He loves to eat and loves to feed himself.
Mostly we cut up little foods he can pick up or I give him the baby food pouches- he sucks them like a straw.
His BIG blue eyes melt our hearts!
He smiles at everyone!
He has just started crying a little if I leave the room or if someone else holds him and he sees me.
When he gets excited and we're holding him, he'll kick and kick and kick his legs.
He squeals when he sees Suki the cat.
He loves his Daddy.
Takes 3 naps a day and goes to sleep around 7:30-8:00.
Then he likes to eat all night long.
He has a patch of long hair behind each ear- it is so soft and dreamy.
His hair has gotten so thick lately- still a dark blonde, light brown.
Adam always says, "What would we do without our Franky?"
Words can't express how much we love our Franky!

Crazy face!

Long, fuzzy hair behind his ears.

1 comment:

Clayton & Kayley Anderson said...

I think he is so adorable! He makes me baby crazy!

I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I think he and Dieter look a lot alike!

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