Thursday, October 3, 2013

pickin' pumpkins

We finally picked our pumpkins on Saturday! 
It's funny, I feel like I post the same things every year, just older boys in the pictures.
And I was thinking we didn't have family traditions... 
I guess we do!
We looooove watching the pumpkins from when they are teeny, tiny babies until they are big and orange. The one on the far left in front of Lincoln was planted by Linc in preschool in the Spring. He brought it home in a paper cup and it sat on our sunny windowsill above the kitchen sink until it was time to plant. Linc named him Bob, and we checked on him at least every other day. Lincoln is one proud pumpkin farmer. 
The big one in front of Franky climbed the tree and hung in the air until we cut it down.
So fun to see!

Climbing pumpkin!

I ended up cutting the vine and Elliott grabbed it. 
It got a few scratches from the neighboring tree branch.
It's tag when I bought it said, "red warty thing" but it never turned red. 
It's not even a pumpkin, more like a gourd or squash I think. 

My little pumpkins!

You can tell Franky is tired when he stops smiling. I put him to bed right after this.

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Lindz said...

Cutest pictures of all your boys together! And what a fun tradition to grow your own pumpkins!! :)

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