Friday, August 8, 2014

bear lake

Franky boy
 We had the best time at Bear Lake- it is one of our favorite traditions! Every year is a surprise because we don't know how far the water will be. Last time it was right outside our tents, this time, we had a little walk to the water. There was a sandbar and then a warmer wading pool that the kids loved playing in. I tried to go in the big lake with the boys and it was the coldest I've ever felt it. I think we went earlier than usual this year. Brrr. Weather was great though, and of course we got eaten by mosquitoes. We love just sitting on the beach all day while the kids play. I remember when Adam first started coming with me and he was confused that nobody had a boat to ride in-- haha. (He grew up with a  boat, I did not.) 

Anyway- it was the McEntire reunion this year. I will always try my hardest to not miss this every other year occurrence. I love my aunts and uncles and cousins so much- they are amazing people! 

Ollie and Benny 
Adam and Lis
It was so fun to have Adam off work for an extra day. He has been SO busy with work and church lately. It is funny to watch him try and relax, because he doesn't usually do much of it.
Ollie, Benny, Fisher and Will

 These two loved making the water fly up behind them. 

 Cute Cooper was fine with not getting in the water. 

Will and Fisher- both 3 at the time. 
 Making a canal to get fresh water into the wade pool.

Ollie, Aunt Lisa, Linc
Parker, Ben, Fisher
Cousins- Kristy and Lisa
Boy cousins!

 Franky loved the snacks of course!

 Linc is always with us, but doesn't always want to be in pictures. Love ya Linc!
 These two cute cousins are Franky and Cooper. They look so much alike- it is really cute! Cooper is older by 5 months. When they are apart- they seem like twins. Together, you can see the differences, but still so similar!

 Cooper is so sweet and gives hugs!

 THIS is the money shot. Twinsies for sure! Can't wait to see how they look when they are older.

Kristy, Lindsay, Matt and their kids.
Wayne and Marcia Wetzel Family
Jim and Sue McEntire Family
Tracy and Carolyn Scott Family
Richard and Sherrie McEntire Family
Jim and Brenda Hinman Family
Marvin and Wanda McEntire Family
Our family- Paul and Leena McEntire Family
Lisa is an awesome mom to her two cute boys. 

Instagram pictures:

Franky- the camping alarm clock. I made all the boys (and me) sleep in jackets the first night because it was freezing! Adam didn't heed my warning and froze! The second night was much warmer.
Raspberry shakes!
Tiny adventurer.
Ghost leaf.
Ollie's last look at the lake before we drove home.
Shake stop.
Cooper- taking a break. 
Bear Lake beach sand- magnified 15X. 


walkerbunch said...

Awe...we love Bear Lake too. It's always been our favorite vacation spot. :)

Knudson Family said...

I love the McEntire reunions too! So fun to see everyone. Next time we will be sure to be there for longer. Those pictures of Franky and Cooper. SOOOOO CUTE!

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