Friday, August 1, 2014

July 4th

Everyone loves Franky and they all like to play with and tickle him. 
I realize someday he might borrow or break their toys and maybe things won't be as peaceful, so I am loving every minute of all these boys helping their youngest brother every chance they get. Plus he's a little sweetheart. 

On July 4th, Adam's whole family was in town, so we went to hike around Silver Lake by Brighton. It is one of my favorite places to go with a huge group- so beautiful! 
Some of the crew- Megs with baby Stella, Collin, Linc, Tanner, Adam, Karen, Ames and Steve. 
Collin and Linc- both 5 years old.

Elliott, Kenzie, Linc, Frank, Ollie, Will, Collin, Adam, Steve, Cody w/baby Kate, Ames and Karen.

Kenzie and Linc

Happy July 4th baby!

Climbing the wall.

I love that Kenzie is so adventurous all the time while wearing cute skirts. 
My sweet Oliver Jack. 
As I'm writing this post, Linc has a broken leg- and seeing him running around and standing on his own is making me miss and feel grateful for his usual health!
Will and Ames

Cousins in their red, white and blue!
Kenzie, Collin, Linc, Franky, Ollie, Elliott and Will

After home and naps, we went to Swalberg's for dinner and fireworks. 
Love this group of people! We missed Christie and Scott and family, and loved having my friend Allyson and her kids come. 
They had a blow-up slide and pool to play in too!
I loved that is was dusk so the boys didn't have to wear their swim shirts.

Linc and Caleb

The firework show was funny because we had all these fireworks, the perfect cul de sac and lots of people, but then the neighborhood next-door started lighting off a professional display for like 30 minutes straight. Needless to say ours looked wimpy next to theirs and we decided to save ours for Pioneer Day. 

Sweet Franky boy! 

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Jessica said...

I love silver lake too! My brother jared had a cabin up there and we could walk to and from the lake all day. And your red shorts are cute.

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