Friday, August 8, 2014

Laguna Beach

When we visited CA for our family trip in November, we visited the beach with Megs. This was our last day there, just before we drove halfway for a night in Vegas. It is an amazing beach- one of the most beautiful places I've been for sure. The pics are once again- my phone, adam's phone and our big camera, so a little mixed up, but you get the idea. We stopped for breakfast burritos to eat on the beach at this place- delish! Meg even had to fight the seagulls for her breakfast burrito once we were down by the water- haha! 
Elliott and the cool arch.
We loved "tide-pooling" with Tanner. He showed the boys all the different creatures living in the little pools. The water was down when we got there and the tide slowly started to rise. Adam even got stuck in a spot and had to jump in the water with his shoes and socks. 

The water was so clear and gorgeous!

Elliott, Ollie, Tanner and Stella, Linc

Hi baby Stella!

Franky and Stella at 11 months.

Franky loved tasting the salty seaweed. :)

The walkway to get down to the beach.

Cute baby cousins!
With Aunt Megs!
Views from the street above the beach. We parked at a hotel- they had public pay meters. 

Beautiful place! I wish we would have planned more than a morning there! 
Tanner showing the boys how to take care of a surf board. Maybe someday he'll teach them how to surf!

Sister, Brother and their babies who are a week apart! 
Thanks for having us Megs!

This was our first drive to/from Cali, we stopped at this alien rest stop in the middle of nowhere. 
Shooting Uncle Cody's bb gun. Thanks for putting our family up in your lovely house for a night Ames!

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Tisha and Mark said...

The panoramic beach shots are awesome! Seriously, your life is dreamy- beach vacas and beautiful boys!

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