Sunday, October 24, 2010

day 3- prague castle and fancy dinner

On day three our whole group of 100+ went by bus up the hill to Prague Castle. We broke into smaller groups and we got a really good tour guide, Urie, who was actually from the Netherlands and had a really nice accent to listen to... Anyway, I can't believe all the facts the guides know. And, remember how I said we had never traveled like this before? Yeah- never had a personal tour guide. But they were awesome.

In the courtyard. The president still rules from this building. And apparently you can leave a request to see him just inside of one of these doors, I think the one with the green awning. Crazy. On a side note, I thought pushing my purse to the back of me would HIDE it for pictures, not turn me into a CENTAUR. Oh well. There's more to come so this is just a warning.
The castle had it's own gothic looking cathedral that holds tombs and relics of important saints and kings. Does anyone else think it's weird to have bones displayed in a church? I saw lots of them throughout our travels... some people even went to see a church made out of bones. Yikes.
Loved these TALL ceilings. I can't imagine how they did this back when they started it in 1344!

So much meaning behind every art piece...

The place was packed with crowds... funny that someone brought their dog on a sightseeing tour?
I need to do a little research to find out what plant this is. (I need it.)
We stopped for a hot chocolate break and had this impressive view, although it was a little chilly to eat outside so we looked from the window. We didn't notice until we were ready to leave that each chair had it's own blanket.

arches and cobblestones= love
Superimposed Adam?

Urie was great and told us to try the Czech hotdogs. They put the buns on a hot rod to keep them warm from the inside and then put the hotdog in with ketchup and mustard. Yum. And no drips.
I can't believe how much I love this whole gate-bridge-leaf-cobble-cute hubby ensemble!!!!!
Is Karen the cutest MIL ever? I think so.
When Urie was officially off the clock he was heading for home and said we could follow him to a less touristy part of the city. This is us on a never-ending escalator in the subway. Adam's laughing because I turned around to take the pic and almost fell face first down the never-ending escalator. Cool.
Adam czeching out Czech guitars. heh heh.
The subway spit us out near this church and then Adam and I walked back to the hotel while Steve and Karen rode the subway back.

I was surprised to see this on our walk because I had seen it before somewhere (forwarded email???) but had no idea it was in Prague. It's called the Dancing House, nicknamed "Fred and Ginger". Ginger is on the left with a wispy dress, legs and a womanly figure and Fred is on the right. Kind of cool.
The walk home is where we saw so many of the cool doors. And to get back to the hotel we just found the river and walked along it forever- I loved it. We saw lots of runners by the river too- what I wouldn't give to have a route like this!
We got back in time to change and rush to dinner with the group at a fancy French restaurant. I was nervous they might only serve frog legs or the sort, but I just had some delicious salmon. Everything was really tasty and pretty.

left- our salad: tomato with melted mozzarella.
right- our dessert: chocolate cake, berry sauce and lemon pudding with star fruit.
Karen and Steve's room number made us laugh!


walkerbunch said...

I love all of your pictures. What a neat trip. How long were you there? Did you guys go for work? I would love to be able to go and travel like that.

Ty and Mari said...

I love that i can travel through your blog! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures! keep 'em coming!

Shum Girl said...

All your pictures are gorgeous! I am so jealous! I also want that vine thing so let me know if you find out what it is.

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