Tuesday, October 12, 2010

snippety snap

We decided to go to the Dino museum one Friday night, even though we know they close early. Then the farmers market distracted us from our plan. We just had to look around (we don't get to farmer's markets very often.) Adam had to buy some Utah honey and the boys found this cool contraption. They love stuff like this. I told them they should build one someday.

The boys got soaked and then we hurried to eat. We made it to the Dino museum desk 10 minutes before closing and decided not to go in... Until we saw another family go in! We rushed through the whole museum in ten minutes! Okay... Maybe it took a little longer, but it was quick. And we still had fun. The boys' favorite part is the dark star tunnel, even Linc. :)


Melissa said...

We love the Dinosaur Museum, but I don't think we have ever done it quite that fast :). What fun parents you are!

NOW WHAT? said...

Way cool! I love those big...things! You are such a cute Mom to the boys...you do all the boy stuff with them and I love it! Dinosaurs, hiking, etc... :)

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