Sunday, October 24, 2010

goings on

Since we've been back, little Linc's favorite things to say are "owww" (like when I comb his hair or put on his bib) and "ohhh" (no) with a head shake. He's so funny. When we tell him it's time for night night he says "ohhh" while shaking his head and tries to run away.
But since we've been home he suddenly loves being on my lap every second and he just started giving kisses... right on the lips. So cute. And I've been trying to teach him to say yes and nod his head. He's got the nodding part down.

He's still loving his blankie and bink.
This is him at the store. He has to take everything off the shelves and carry it around. And he doesn't love riding in the cart.

This is how he eats a chocolate cookie. It turns into a gooey choco ball.

The other night we were searching for Halloween costumes for E and Linc wouldn't take this hat off.
Ollie had to bribe him for it.
We've been loving our apples from our tree. It still grows red and yellow ones so we don't get sick of one or the other.
This is Ollie's zinnia plant he planted in preschool. It came home in the teeniest cup with a little dirt and one or two seeds and this is what it turned into. He's very proud and we check it out often.
The boys loved the chocolate wafer plates we brought from Czech Rep. Super thin with chocolate in between. Yummy.

I can't believe how busy we are! I haven't even unpacked our last carry-on yet. It just has books and magazines and stuff, but still. Hope everyone's Halloween week is crazy and fun!


lindsey v said...

Lincoln is about to burst with words, I just know it.
That wafer plate looks yummy! I wonder if you can order them online?

MomSwalz said...

Love all the pics!!

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