Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 1- shuffling in Prague

We got to go to Prague through Adam's work. They have a special incentive program where you buy certain products and they put points towards a trip. So Adam's parents got to go too, along with 100+ other flooring employees from Utah and Colorado. We only met up with the whole group a couple of times and went on smaller tours with some of them later. It was fun making friends with the group and having time on our own. We extended our trip to be a week longer, but we'll get into that later.

{Tyn church in old town- it looks like a creepy castle to me though}
So after a layover in NY and many hours of flying, we got to Prague around 8:00 in the morning. We were tired. They are eight hours ahead of us. The advice was to keep going until that night and hit the sack early. Looking back, I wish we would have slept a couple of hours right when we got there, because we eventually had to sleep later in the afternoon since we were zombies, complete with dragging our feet and slurring our words. (And it had nothing to do with the fact that beer in Czech Republic is cheaper than bottled water!)
The first of many danishes. Mine was filled with pudding and Adam's with chocolate. We wandered through town, had a delicious lunch of Indian food and tried to stay awake.
More than anything, I loved the little details everywhere we went. Everything is so old and has such intricate design. My FIL laughed more than once when I took photos like these. To each their own I guess.
The famous old clock tower. The people made this astronomical clock (on top) long ago. So strange how they figured stuff out back then. But every hour on the hour a huge crowd gathers at the bottom to see the procession of twelve apostles, kind of like a cuckoo clock. So we watched, and it was the wimpiest little procession ever. It made me laugh, especially since we waited for 20 minutes in the cold for it...
Adam could not get enough of this statue. We walked by it so many times and each time he would slow down, or stop and just look. And a couple of times he even took out his phone to take his own picture of it. I think it's a religious revolutionary back in the day. I know I should get my facts straight, but lets be honest, there are so many facts!
At the Salvador Dali museum. Adam loves the weirdness of this artist. Interesting pieces to look at with the in-laws though. We laughed so hard here and thinking of it afterward when Karen said "I think I've see enough of this one..." and Steve's, "There seems to be a reoccuring theme with peach slices..." Seriously funny.
Around 4:00 we headed back to the hotel to rest. It was the deepest sleep and it was brutal waking up, but we had plans.
We met up with my friend from high school, Honza. He is from Czech Republic and went to my high school for a year. My brother happened to be on a mission in Czech Rep so we were instant friends. We had kind of lost contact until facebook came along. We were so glad he met up with us!
Him and Adam got along really well. He showed us around and showed us some funny statues and things. He is hilarious and speaks English better than me. He works at the U.S. embassy, so he uses English regularly.

A tower at night on the famous Charles Bridge. Interesting to have skulls with horns next to priests wouldn't you say? Every little statue and bridge has a story behind it though.

We told Honza we wanted to eat something authentic so he picked out our meals for us. Although, he wanted me to get the rabbit and I wouldn't. Not that authentic I guess. So this is beef and dumplings. You're supposed to dunk the dumplings in the gravy, both sides and eat them soggy. It was GOOD! Mine had potato cakes as well, and even though I'm not posting the pic because it looks unappetizing, it was really tasty.
Honza got chicken and mashed potatoes. I wanted to go back and get this, but we never got the chance.
And to top off our first day, we raided the candy section of the tiny grocery store. You know, just to try so we would know what to take home. The kolonada wafers were a big favorite and we came home with at least a box.


lindsey v said...

You're welcome.

For forcing you to join facebook. :)

I can just hear Steve's laugh when you took pictures of weird things. He has the best laugh.

Lee and Annette said...

Honza! He is the coolest! Remember when he asked if so-and-so and so-and-so were "hunny-bunny"?

(this is Jessica by the way. I'm logged in as my mom-in-law right now.)

ToRi and cReW said...

First off--your boots are hot!

Love the funky pictures that Steve laughed at--its ok, I get ya!

Can't wait to see more.

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