Sunday, October 31, 2010


October was so busy with parties at school, parties with family and trick-or-treating. We had lots of fun, but I'm welcoming a relaxing November.

Linc- playing musical pumpkins. We grew the little ones in our side flowerbed- lots of them.
Linds grew this little white one in her garden. The dark orange ones we grew, and the yellow one is supposed to be dark orange, but it wasn't quite done... ready or not- we picked it. I'm excited to keep them through Thanksgiving.

We bought some pumpkins to carve since ours were so short.
The boys love this part. They were trying to save all the seeds before I reminded them they didn't eat any that I cooked last year so they ended up only keeping a few to replant next year.

E's scary skull pumpkin.
Finally we got to go trick or treating! The boys had waited for this day for so long.
Lincoln made the cutest little lion. He didn't even mind the hood.

Elliott was Ben 10- it's a show where the kid turns into 20 diff aliens with his giant watch and I know most of the names because it's all he talks about.... We saw the costume at the store for $34 and I made it for $6. (Thank you duct tape.)
Ollie was Optimus Prime. He wore the mask the whole time trick or treating and didn't complain about it once. His gun arm made it hard to choose candy from the bucket and to put candy in his bag, so that made us laugh a lot. Finally he just carried the gun in his bag.
Oh- this cuddly little lion. He was so cute and fun and loved going up to the doors and holding his hand out. He got a few pieces before we sent him back with Megs to hang out inside.
The back of the lion mane was just as cute and so fun to ruffle!

Adam creeped everyone out, including me. We kept crossing paths with our neighbor and his baby kept crying every time he would see Adam. He was even walking distortedly... yikes.
Checking out the goods...
Ollie scored two giant cans of "calming soda". And this is right before Linc-- who had eaten candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner-- threw up on Ollie's treats before I whisked him away to the sink, where he threw up a lot more. Oh well, at least it came out? Adam threw a handful of Ollie's "moistened" treats away when he wasn't looking. A much better option than washing them off I say. (It was discussed...)
We even had Grammy and Grandpa, Tanner and Megs and Scott and Christie come over for winter vegetable soup and popovers. Yum.
Tanner and Megs
The night before we had a little costume party at my Mom's house. Here are the cousins: Elliott, friend of cousin, Benny (alien), Ollie, Baby Melora (bee) Anikka, Grandma holding Baby Will (skeleton) and Linc, Bailey (scary bride), Elli (vet), Trevan (ghost man) and Ryder (ninja turtle.)
Baby Will- always smiling and happy.
Grandma and Linc
At my moms I figured all the kids were crafted out from their school parties, so I taught all the adults how to make these pom pom balls. The plan was to make big ones, but there were too many people, so we made the mini version. P.S. Family- You know I'll be looking for these at all the future parties in coordinating colors...

Now on to November!


The Nielson Family said...

Love the pom poms! And i love all your home grown pumpkins. Your kids are adorable--the clown not so much :) But I think I may have already mentioned that... :)

Melissa said...

Fun times!! Lincoln did look so darn cute :). I also had no idea that was Adam... I thought it was your brother-in-law. That is too funny!! He did look freaky.

The Kohler Family said...

OK, is that a mask Adam is wearing? I'm glad I didnt see him...I probably would have cried too, Freaky!!

Marci said...

I don't know why Zach was so freaked out by Adam's costume. Steve told me you that you told Adam to stop going near poor little Zach because he kept making him cry. So funny!

Kenzy said...

Love the pom poms....they are so fun. I also love your long hair Sinika. You look gorgeous (well, you always do) I haven't seen you in awhile.

Lindz said...

Decorations in your house area always so cute! Love your long hair! :) Adam's costume is scary! HA! Ayden was Optimus Prime also....and Linc looks so cute as a lion....Ayden was that same lion on his 1st Halloween!

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