Sunday, March 25, 2012


Ahhh- Tortola! 
We stopped by the info booth just off the boat and asked the lady where everyone WASN'T going. 
The day before- the beach was so packed!
She told us some options and Luke insisted we go somewhere with big waves.
She told us we didn't want waves. 
But we insisted so she pointed to Josiah's Beach.
We had our taxi driver take us there and it was AMAZING!
There were about 8 people out surfing, and another 8 people on the beach.
It was paradise!
The lady also told us that a whale was spotted there a few months ago-- we didn't see it.

my cute hubby frolicking in the waves 
crushed shells on the beach
I look prego in this pic even though I'm not.
 It was too cute not to post though right? Ugh. 
Boogie boarding- another favorite!

We walked over to the rocks where the water hit the hill and found some cool shells wedged in there aaaannnnd Adam split his shorts wide open as he bent down to pick one up. 
Split right down the front- hehe.


I could do this all day- so fun! My swimsuit was filled with sand in the end though! I tried to wash it out but when I got in the shower on the ship it looked like I was wearing a swimsuit made of sand.
Adam and I

Rich collected these for the boys.

dried out beach plant
This beach had the softest sand! 
surfers in the distance
jungle behind the beach

I loved the look of the surfboards! 
It almost makes me want to forget about the sharks and deep water and learn it for myself. 
parking lot with tropical trees

After the beach we did a little shopping in the booths in near the port.
We picked up a few trinkets for the boys and a magnet for our collection.
Kind of nerdy I know- but it's fun to look at our fridge and see the places we've been!
We found out they had warm cookies and milk at the international cafe every afternoon at boarding time- so we always headed there first.
Good thing Adam had his fanny pack to cover the GIANT split in his shorts!
He also received an offer from someone to buy his shirt that day on the beach. 
I also thought it was funny that he wouldn't wear his water socks in the water, just on dry land.
Tortola Port

swimming on the ship
Adam's dinner outfit. 
He was amazed that he could find such a fantastic nautical sweater online the week before we left.


Tisha and Mark said...

I seriously considering having Adam buy all my outifts for our next cruise :) The nautical sweater and the visor/glasses are "bitchin" as mark would say :) And Sini, you look so great! Cute swimming suits!

Senja said...

your trip looks amazing! :) i love cruises!

Brooke said...

Ok, "swimming on the boat?" I must ask, Did you ever get in? :)

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