Wednesday, March 21, 2012

puerto rico

 We went on a cruise with our friends a couple weeks ago... 
the same two couples we went with 2 years ago.
Back then we made a cruise pact of sorts that we would go every other year.
This was the year.
I was nervous of course to leave the boys, but once we bought our tickets I was so excited!

We dropped my kids off at my mom's and took the red-eye out of Salt Lake on Saturday night.
We got to watch the sun rise in New York...
sadly, I have never been outside the airport in NY- maybe someday?
We landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico around 2:00 and went straight to the ship.
We didn't sleep very well on the overnight flight- 
I might have been overzealous and prepped too much with the bose noise dimming headphones, a blow-up neck pillow and the eye covers Jet Blue handed out. 
After a few hours of trying to sleep with that full headdress on, I found I was a little claustrophobic and took it all off. 
Please enjoy the (many) self-portraits with beautiful Puerto Rico in the background.
We had to wait a bit for our room and luggage, so we went to explore the Caribbean Princess- 
our home for the next seven nights.
It was amazing and had lots of pools, decks and even a giant movie screen outside.
We got a little lunch- poolside burgers and pizza- the first of many!

By the way- this is the last you'll see of Adam in regular clothes... 
His cruise wear is CRAZY!

After a little nap, the group decided to work out... say WHAT? 
I was already dressed for dinner, so I sat outside enjoying the sunset while reading a magazine, while Adam lifted weights in this getup. Anyone ever heard of ZUBAZ pants? Yikes.
The glorious, amazing sunset from the ship!

We met for a late dinner- and I had to take pictures... even the butter is pretty.

Souffles are a new favorite with me!
The waiters would break it open and pour in some hot cream... yum.
 Our fun group: Abby & Rich, Brooke & Luke, Adam & Sini
Adam and Rich were both proud of their "special" outfits.

The ship set sail around 11:00 that night... we were ready for adventure!


Anthony and Rachel Orme said...

I can't get over Adam's outfits. LOL! Too funny. You look adorable as always.

rachel said...

I am really really hoping we are going to get all the wardrobes of adam on the cruise! He is hilarious.. those sweet workout pants! You of course, look beautiful! I don't feel that your friend Luke is really meeting his full potiential in his choice of clothes ;)

Brooke said...

I can't believe we only so those pants once! Swals must have really gotten overheated. So sad it's over

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