Saturday, March 24, 2012

st. thomas

We feel so lucky to have gone on the cruise- it was great! 
And our friends were more than great!
I took a few pictures of course.
I can't really explain how fun a cruise is, but really here are some tips:

Go with friends.
You spend a lot of time talking and laughing, and it always helps to work as a team haggling a deal with a cab driver to get where you want to go on the islands.

Know that it's cheesy.
The people (great people watching!)
The entertainment (we still went to a show every night.)
Although- they did play some great movies out on the deck including
'The Help', 'The Muppets' and 'The Artist'

When we got off the boat in St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands) we found some HUGE iguanas warming themselves on the rocks! I wish the boys were there to see them. They were cool. There were at least 20 of them scattered on these rocks.

this one lost it's tail :(

I like this guy taking in the view of the port- ha!
Adam, Rich & Abby
We rode in open-air taxis around the island. We loved them! 
Luke & Brooke
fruit stand
Adam found these visor glasses before we left, so it was decided we should all have a pair... more on that later.
Driving up the steep roads to the other side of the island gave us a great view of the port!

We went to Magen's Bay to relax on the beach. It was packed! We found a not-so-busy spot down the beach. 
Ready to RELAX and snorkel- my favorite.

I couldn't get over the turquoise Caribbean waters!! So dreamy and beautiful!

Gorgeous Abby
I loved the giant clouds that loomed all day while we were there. 
It was a perfect humid 80 degrees every day.

I did a little snorkeling to find shells for my boys. 
There were also lots of little silver fish everywhere! 
You couldn't really see them from above the water since they were almost clear, but once you went under they were all around our feet and legs!

Cooling off in the shade with a cold drink. 
Abby might have been pooped on by a bird hanging out in the tree above us!

Funny sign
after swimming

Found this tiny crab for the boys while searching for shells.

our perfect beach spot with a tree

So these crazy birds would be so high in the air and then dive straight down in the water to catch fish. 
They would even go pretty close to people who were out swimming. I didn't get any pics of the dives, but I took a few of this fish eater.

P.S. We were all wondering about that giant yacht in the background... lucky ducks.

Everything is covered in green.

We saw a couple of cemetaries and thought they were interesting.

our ship- the caribbean princess

looking at the St. Thomas port from the boat

I wanted to show the cool view from inside the ship too.

Abby & the rainbow
All-you-can-eat ice cream anyone? (Horrible pic of Adam- sorry!)
We would get on the boat at 4:30 and have a late lunch. 
We didn't really come across many restaurants on the islands. 
We found a little international cafe that had the best sandwiches and desserts.
Or we would just get burgers and pizza by the pool and chat.
Then a late dinner after the shows.

The GLORIOUS open sea!
elevator pic- going to dinner
Adam was especially excited to wear his bolo tie and thrifted suit jacket.
Rich also looked fitting with his turtle neck and mustache.
Seriously- what were people thinking of our funny group!
The cute girls!

At dinner- I can't remember who made us hold hands for the pic, but I tried to fight it...
pretty dessert

After dinner, show and dancing.
Funny to just hang out all night.

Sini and her weird prom date.

Prom queen and king.
Abby and her psycho prom date.

Checking out the dark water at night. It was so warm and windy out there- I loved it.

One of the jokes for the boys the whole time was- "Why are we even wearing shirts?" 
The end of our long, first day and Adam is already out of money!


Elena said...

#1- You and Adam are about the coolest people EVER. #2- You and Adam take the best vacations EVER.
#3- Love the pics.:)

Dave and Ashley Blackhurst said...

K, so Tisha recruited me to your blog a while back ago to see your Joseph Smith bday party costumes from a few years back; kind of been hooked ever since then.
I'm just gonna come out from my blog stalking and say that I almost peed my pants reading this post. Hilarious, seriously.

And if you ever want reading privileges on my blog, you are more than welcome.

What a fun trip!

Mariana said...

wow! I'm left speechless - in a good way.
But hey, I'm a woman, so I'll 'talk' anyway. ;)
Beautiful places, beautiful people, good food... Ah... Wonderful!
And it seems like you had great fun, funny people!! Cool. B)

p.s. - I'm jealous a little...

Brooke said...

luaghing out loud with the memories. Thanks for capturing them. Do you mind if I steal a few of your lines for my own photo journal (my blog :))?

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