Thursday, March 15, 2012

dear lincoln

Dear Lincoln,

This picture was actually from a few months ago.
We were watching cousins while their parents were in Mexico.
Little Will needed the crib more than you in the afternoons and there was no way you were napping on the mattress we had on the floor for you.
It was too busy with kids and you didn't want to miss a thing.
But there came a late night, and an early morning.
And by afternoon, you didn't know how to handle your tired little body.
Crying and mad, I tried to lay you on my bed.
You were twisting and fighting and kept getting off the bed.
But here's the truth- I wouldn't be able to handle you for the rest of the afternoon without you having a rest.
Finally- I sat you on my lap and opened the blinds and showed you the mountains.
I talked about climbing them someday with you and you stopped screaming.
We talked about the animals we would see on our adventures- deer, chipmunks, birds.
I laid you down facing the window, still talking about our mountain climb.

And pretty soon- you were dozing.
Your first nap out of your crib.
And every day after that, we would lay on my big bed and talk about hiking in the mountains
and skiing and snowboarding down.

I love that this is such a relaxing and calming routine for you.
Looking quietly at that big, still mountain range- dreaming of possibilities.
And I love that you notice them even though you are only 2.
You talk and talk, telling me funny stories- usually about monsters and santa and Ben 10.

But the best part is watching you doze off, your breathing becoming even, your face so close to mine.
Remember- I never get to see this part of you.
You usually wouldn't sleep without your crib.
Sometimes you like to hold my hand or touch my face with your chubby toddler hand.

And this is heaven on earth for me.
My favorite part of the day.
No doubt about it.

Love- Mommy


The Kohler Family said...

I LOVE this! So precious!

Knudson Family said...

So sweet and well written Sinika! What a great moment to remember.

Kate said...

You made me all teary! So precious. There is nothing better than holding our little ones as they go to sleep!

Lindz said...

Love this Sinika!! You are such a great mom!! :)

Mrs. Ham said...

oh linky bear is so cute. i love that little face so much!

Anonymous said...

So... Now I have tears in my eyes.
This is just so beautiful!
My boy is 2 and I can easily imagine all that, those precious moments... Beautiful.

Christine Rowley said...

So sweet!

the lovebirds said...

this is so precious! what a cute little love note. xo

Mama Swalz said...

There are some very sweet moments with 2 yr olds aren't there? We just have to look for them. You sure know how to find them Sini! I love it! We love Link! We had so much fu with him last week!

Tammy said...

What a great post and great pictures!
Oh, what will we do when our kids won't snuggle us anymore! My heart is going to break!

lindsey v said...

Sweetest post ever!

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