Thursday, June 7, 2012

bon iver

So excited to catch up on my bloggy blog!
It has been a busy couple of weeks, months, year?! 
and I am hoping the lazy days of summer allow for me to do my favorite thing- 
update our little blog a.k.a. family journal.

(After a little thing called youth conference Adam and I get to be a part of next week of course...)

I just uploaded over 1,000 pics from my phone- it was really fun seeing our spring.
Can't wait to write about it.

These pics were from one of the concerts we went to last week- Bon Iver.
I'm so glad people are blessed with musical talent, 
so those of us who aren't can still have music in our lives!

It was a fun little date with Adam.
After hiking up a huge dirt road and waiting in the longest line ever, 
we finally made it in the gates and plopped ourselves down right in the middle of the crowd, 
dead center from the stage.
We sat the whole time which was nice.
Justin Vernon- the lead singer is pretty funny and really humble it seems.
His songs are long and dreamy and it really makes me want to cry it makes me so happy.
Happy cries are the best.

Bon Iver's opening song. 

Apparently a horrible picture- but you get the idea.

A great night and show!

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Anonymous said...

So want to go to a good concert now!!

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