Friday, June 1, 2012

last day of school

Ollie and Mrs. Baird

We finally made it to the last day of school! 

I can't believe how much Ollie has grown up this year.
It is fun to see what a confident little boy he is.
He got the "honesty award" during the awards assembly on the last day which is kind of funny.
What does it mean?
How was he so honest?
I asked him how he was honest this year and he said, "What does honest mean?"

He loved his teacher and his friends!
And also loved playing football out on the little kindergarten playground and wearing his cleats all year.
Ollie on his first day of kindergarten.

Elliott and Mrs. Fredrickson- who is due in a few weeks.

Elliott had a fun year in 2nd grade this year.
He really got into reading chapter books and I would have to tell him to stop reading and go to bed after he read for a couple of hours some nights!
He also became independent on getting his homework packet done.
He figured out doing it at the beginning of the week took a little longer, but then he only had reading the rest of the week.
He had some really good friends in school and liked to play "tackle" at recess.

Here are some questions he answered in the class book he brought home:

The best thing about 2nd grade: my friends

When I grow up I want to be: a roboticist

My favorite subject is: Math, hexagons are cool.

And then he filled in class personalities and under "most creative" he put "Elliott."

Elliott on his first day of school
hey look- he's wearing the same shorts!
These are the little teacher gifts we decided on: 
flowers to plant with gloves and a trowel
The boys also had fun making candy leis for the class for their last day.
Yay for summer!


Anthony and Rachel Orme said...

Yay For Summer!! Your boys are adorable. Love the teacher gifts... what a cute idea. :)

Melissa said...

I can not believe summer is already here. This year flew. Just wanted to tell you how cute those candy lei's were. Dawson loved it. Thanks! You always do such cute nice things. Oh, that was such a cute idea for your teacher gift also.

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