Monday, June 11, 2012

mutual dell

Our Memorial Day tradition is to meet up with Adam's old neighborhood for breakfast somewhere in the mountains.

We were lucky to have good weather this year- although it was still chilly enough to see our breath.
Nothing a little hot chocolate couldn't help.

The boys wanted to explore while breakfast was being made...

Um- these hand holding pictures kind of melt my heart.
I don't have many like this, but Elliott and Ollie are always  helping 
Linc out with things, even if it just means holding his hand on a high log.
That's just what you do as a big brother. 

Steve is the ultimate pancake chef.
Linc being shy with Gabby.

The boysies inhaling the best breakfast on the planet.
Can you say caramel syrup?!

Linc is always finding friends wherever he goes.

Playing with Uncle Scott

outdoor treasures

Grammy and Grandpa

Annnd more exploring after breakfast. 
When we finally came out of the woods, breakfast was cleaned up and everyone was gone!
Looks like we need to get out and explore more!

snake grass

Elliott is quite the climber.

Can you see Elliott up high in the tree?!

Splashing rocks in the river.
On a side note- Ollie is always sure to wear his belt :)


Megan Marie said...

isn't it crazy how many more pictures you'll take when you have a dslr and not a point and shoot! i love it!

i could hear the boys voices screaming deep when they were throwing the rocks. haha oh i miss my dad's breakfasts. i'm craving pancakes right now! oh geez

Melissa said...

Looks like heaven for your boys :). I love the pictures of them climbing the trees. It looks like so much fun.

Lindsay said...

So many cute pictures! We are going to the reunion this weekend. I am excited to meet your darling boys and you and everyone else! Willa has no idea she's part of such a big family.

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