Sunday, June 10, 2012

the shins

Ollie- waiting in line
 On Memorial Day we went to The Shins concert!
This was the day before the Bon Iver concert, both at Red Butte Gardens.

The Shins are my favorite band maybe... I don't know- how do you decide?
At least tops on my music list.
And the boys came with us! 
We left Linc with Uncle Brian so we wouldn't have to chase him everywhere.

Anyway- we waited in the same huge line in the hot, hot sun.
Once inside we went to our usual spot, to the left of the stage.

The opening bands were quite good- I'll have to listen to them some more:

The Head and the Heart
Blind Pilot

 the boys thought it would be cool to get shirts...

 Linds came with us too!
the boys at the stage
 non-stop teasing between these two

I could listen to James Mercer's voice forever.

The back of Ollie and Elliott's heads, bundled in their blankets.
Pretty close to the stage right? 
I'm afraid those cute boys don't quite know how lucky they are.

Adam, Ollie and James Mercer
We asked someone for the playlist at the end...

Ahh- such a great show and so fun that the boys came along!

If you want to listen and have your heart melt- here you go.


Tisha and Mark said...

My best friend works the VIP section @ Red Butte and said this show was killer. She said the openers were great too. YOu are right, the kids don't know how lucky they really are :) What rad parents for exposing them early to the greats! :)

Senja said...

I love The Shins!! :) Haven't listened to them for a long time, thanks for reminding me :)

Knudson Family said...

Oooh, so fun! Music is such a wonderful thing!

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