Saturday, July 21, 2012

cutest pet?

Mr. Toad is turning out to be such a fun little pet.
Still alive-- might I add-- after we found him a month ago on 
a camping trip and my boys (and SIL) talked me into taking him home.

He is pretty dang cute and loves to hop around in our yard and bury 
himself in the flowerbeds and eat  ants and other bugs from our garden.

Elliott especially loves taking him outside in rainstorms so he can jump in the puddles.

His newly upgraded bigger cage is in Elliott's room where he usually eats giant crickets.


Melissa said...

Doe it stink? Maybe you have found the perfect pet :). It is dang cute. We just might have to go on a hunt for one for jada :)

Lindz said...

How fun for your boys! Jeremiah and Ayden found one a couple years ago and we kept it and it lived for almost 2 yrs! Definitely a very low maintenance pet! :)

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