Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wilco at Red Butte

We rushed home from the family reunion to unload our camping gear, 
shower and head back out to the Wilco concert at Red Butte Gardens!
Adam was already there saving us a good spot. 
(He left the reunion a day before us so he could go to work.)

I took the boys into the garden while we waited between the opening band.
It was gorgeous!

The boys were making me laugh so hard with this headband.


Another great show!!

Here's Wilco playing three songs if you want to hear them.
It's kind of long so maybe turn it up really loud and go clean your house for 18 minutes while it plays?

1 comment:

Mariana said...

I love their music! My little guy loves it, too. He just said to me 'to put the volume up'. :)

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