Monday, July 16, 2012

family reunion day 2

The second day of our family reunion was just as hot!
I love these little adventuresome boys.

Adam and Ollie were intent on catching another fish since they did so fast the first night-- no such luck.

Linc and Addie- two peas in a pod.
Finding little swimming bugs.

Uncle Brian rented a paddle boat for everyone to use!

Uncle Brian taking a break while the boys tote him around.

Great leg workout!
Poor Lincoln Bear was exhausted, so we took him on a drive to see our old college romping town of Ephraim while he slept in the air-conditioned car. We put him on the blanket in the shade when we got back. I think it was still close to 100 in the shade!

My nephew Baby Kai napping in his pack-n-play.
Elli, Ollie, Michelle, Melora, Addie, Will, Elliott & Benny
Every kid loves painting rocks right? 
So glad my neighbors taught this to me a while back- a perfect camping activity.

still sleeping
Mike, Ari, Ollie, Adam & cousin Matt
The big boys letting Ollie play bocce ball.

 McEntire Fam playing "Step to the Line"
It was hard to get everyone to play at first- but it was fun 
and I think we learned fun things about our family. 
i.e. Most of us love fish!

Uncle Wayne's turn. 
Such a cool guy.
The kids played in the water until sunset- another beautiful one.
First it was golden and then it just kept getting more beautiful. 
I'm a sucker.

Benny & Elliott

Linc and Addie playing with an ant hill in the pjs.

Benny & Ollie

A beautiful, fun day!


Mariana said...

What a great reunion you had!!
Your family seems to be great and it looks like you had a lot of fun.

We havent't had a family reunion for years!? :( We should have one again...

Knudson Family said...

I think some more game planning is needed for the next reunion!

allegra said...

you are an incredible photographer! those sunset pics are AH-MAZING!! You inspired me to try to capture a good sunset sometime this summer. I love all these fun happy pictures. Such good times:) Your family is beautiful! Cute blog.

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