Sunday, July 22, 2012

father/son campout

 Early in the summer, Adam took the boys on a 
campout with other people in our neighborhood/church.

It was basically someone's private property in Fountain Green 
with a pond stocked full of fish-- talk about a perfect place for the boys!

I was glad Adam snapped some pics. 

I look forward to this Friday night every year to have a night to myself.
After they left, I got a massage and then went with my sister to my favorite restaurant Carrabba's.
Then we wandered around Target kidless- heaven!
By the time I came back from my errands on Saturday, Adam had unpacked all the gear, washed all the boys clothes and given them baths. Gees- I felt spoiled!

The boys had lots of fun and lots of stories to tell. 
This is the weekend when Adam misses our old neighbor 
Jason the most- his bosom buddy on these campouts.


Elliott the tree climber


rachel said...

so funny that you say this.. we had our fathers and son's and jason was like... this is going to be lame, its not like I have Adam to go with. aaahhh cute, they miss each other! and I miss Sini too!

{leah} said...

I look forward to those nights too! That's one perk of being a mom of all boys.

I love Lincoln's way of fishing, was he successful with it? :)

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