Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ireland- airplane & hotel

This was the sunrise on the way to the airport- just after we dropped our three boys at my sister's house.
Amazing right?

Whenever we go on a trip, it seems like we spend so much time getting ready- laundry, getting the right clothes and gear for the trip, and packing up three boys and their school stuff, pillows and everything else AND a clean house... sort of. It's always the 40 minute drive to the airport that I find myself being able to relax and think that there is nothing else I can do for now, anything else I forgot will have to be bought on the trip. Or emailed to tell my sis something about the boys that I forgot. Whew. Quite the job getting ready!
Even better is getting through security and finally sitting on the plane. 
I brought 2 books this time and lots of magazines!
Little did I know that movies would win out this time...
Our first yummy lunch.
Sadly it was the best thing we had on the flights- everything else was trying to be all gourmet-
cold duck and blue cheese aren't really my thing.
Flying over snowy Colorado.
We flew from Salt Lake to Boston.
Then from Boston to London, we got to fly first class!
These seats were AMAZING. 
They laid down flat and had so much room on both sides.
The seats also came with nice headphones, down comforters and big pillows.
There was also a little kit with everything you might need in it- toothbrush and paste, socks, lotion, eye patch, earplugs etc.
I know people fly like this all the time, but this was a first for me!
I was the only one snapping pictures- that's for sure.
Here's Adam's dad Steve trying out the lay-down seats...

Adam in his airplane bed.
We slept for a good few hours when they turned down the lights.
And even if you didn't sleep, you could lay down and watch movies at the screen at each seat.
Here's our yummy breakfast just after our sleep and before we landed in London.
I loved that the London customs officer stamped my passport on the same page as the last time I was in London 8 & 1/2 years ago! My passport is almost ready to expire- sad for all the stamps I've put in it, but a relief to get rid of my ugly picture! (Someone needed an eyebrow plucking...)
After customs in London, a flight to Ireland and a two-hour shuttle ride- we finally arrived in Killarney, Ireland at our first hotel- The Europe Hotel. We arrived around 2:30 PM on Monday- a total of about 24 hours of traveling since they are seven hours ahead of Utah. We were tired, but glad for our naps on the plane!
This is our gorgeous hotel room!
And the view from our deck.
The hotel sat right on a lake- amazing!

After we took an hour nap, we explored the hotel and grounds.This is the pool- Adam hung out here in the hot tub with some friends after a cold day outside while I took a little nap (no hot tubs for this pregnant girl- sad!)
More of the pretty GREEN grounds.

On the dock.

That night there was a welcome dinner for all of the people in our group- all from flooring, countertop or cabinet stores from around Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. The meal was put on in the hotel restaurant and was of course scrumptious. I was glad to see that Irish food consists of my favorite- potatoes- in every shape and form. I forgot to take any pictures that night except for Adam's dessert. 

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Melissa said...

That plane ride looked awesome, but I definitely would not have eaten any of their gourmet food :). Awesome pics.

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