Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ireland day 3- Gap of Dunloe

This is the day we went to The Gap of Dunloe. It might have been my favorite day! 
This was the view from our hotel balcony that morning.
We rode a bus for a few miles and met up with these horse carriages and drivers.
Ours was first to take off and load, which was funny because our horse seemed pretty tired and we got passed by almost everyone in the end. Our horse was Queenie and she was 12 years old. Our tour guide said we might not be able to understand our carriage driver, and she was right! Especially when he talked to the other drivers- they had such a strong, fast accent. So funny. 
The rest of the group behind us.
We started out with sunny skies...
We traveled up this tiny path. Some people were walking it and we did see a few little cars driving it and they always pulled off to the side to let us by. Only a few houses are off of this path- and they've been there forever. You can't build there anymore since it is now a National Park.
Our carriage mates- Jen and Bryan.
Adam and Bryan had to straddle legs- so funny!
The path and view behind us.
There were so many pretty old bridges.
I really felt like we were in a movie- or in a really cool dream- it was beautiful!!

You can see the Gap of Dunloe ahead- right between two mountains.
The weather also started to get cloudy and we knew rain was coming!
I wouldn't expect anything else in Ireland and it made it really cool.
Irish sheep

The twisty path and the clouds rolling in.
Amazing and gorgeous!

Again- another perfect Irish landscape with a rainbow! Unbelievable right? It was a great day!
Along the path were ruins of the oldest houses.
It was a mist if not raining after a while. No downpours though, which was nice. 
Just mood-enhancing mist- ha!
We kept passing little lakes along the way. See the rainbow again?

We got out to walk a huge hill to give Queenie a break. 
Aaaand if I lived in Ireland, I'd have to have a different hairstyle for sure- curly frizz perhaps?

My camera lens kept fogging up- all those people behind us were smart to have hoods!

The cart behind us-- just before it left us in the dust on the downhill even.  
You can see how the driver stood on the back of the cart.
More cool bridges...

View of the valley.

Finally we came out of the gap and the rain to this GORGEOUS bridge.

magical tree

We walked a little bit to the restaurant and had different sandwiches and hot soup.
No water offered though- just coffee and tea. Good thing I always pack water!

pretty bathroom windows

After lunch we hopped on a boat for a shortcut across lakes back to the hotel.
i think the horse carriage ride took 2 hours and the boat ride was under an hour.
Jen, Bryan, Adam

Entering a  tiny gap that connects two lakes- I didn't think we'd make it.

We got to go under all these ancient bridges- again I felt like I was in a movie!!

Our driver.

Our hotel from the water.

Our hotel had the coolest style. I wish this picture wasn't so dark!

Our group guides kept us organized and on time- what a job!

Another scrumptious dinner- this time with Steve and Karen and Stacy and Clint.
I ate way too much chocolate cake!
Street in downtown Killarney.

I loved this day! It's exactly how I pictured Ireland!

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Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures!! You are so cute with your hair curly from the moisture, but you always look cute :). It sounds like an amazing day.

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